Fellows Exchange

Networking Opportunities

Fellow-to-Fellow Exchange

During their time in residence, fellows have an opportunity to learn from colleagues in the program and from their U.S. counterparts. By sharing best practices and common experiences, fellows deepen their understanding of challenges to democracy in other parts of the world and strengthen solidarity.

Exchange between democracy practitioners and scholars enriches cross-disciplinary engagement, as each fellow learns about both the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of democratic development. Fellows also learn from one another through formal roundtable discussions and informal interactions.

Exchange with NED Counterparts

The program strives to introduce fellows to the work of the Endowment and its Core Institutes: CIPE, the Solidarity Center, NDI, and IRI. There are many opportunities to engage with staff from NED regional programs and other initiatives through organized group discussions and individual meetings.

The fellowship program partners with the World Movement for Democracy, a global network of advocates for human rights, to connect you with other activists through regional and functional networks for additional support during and after your fellowship.  Fellows also have access to the research and support of the Center for International Media Assistance, another NED initiative that works to strengthen the support, raise the visibility, and improve the effectiveness of independent media development throughout the world.

Cultural Exchange

The program encourages fellows to partake in the rich cultural life of the nation’s capital through organized group activities or by exploring the city on their own. In addition to visiting cultural landmarks, such as the U.S. Capitol Building and Library of Congress, the fellowship program also plans team-building activities.