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As part of the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship program, fellows join an accomplished group of alumni. Inspired by their NED experience, fellows produce an impressive range of presentations and products. Some fellows go on to launch new initiatives and institutions based upon their fellowship work.


During their time in residence, fellows are asked to share their insights in various ways—via roundtable discussions, working groups, and public presentations. Each fellow gives a presentation at NED during their fellowship and has the opportunity to share insights with the Washington, D.C. audience.

Publicly available presentations made by Reagan-Fascell fellows are available here.


Fellows often use this period of reflection and exploration to undertake a larger goal. Some have gone on to publish books, articles, and more addressing the state of democracy in their region.

While each fellow is expected to produce a product during the fellowship, the format may vary. Activists may produce a practical handbook or write memoirs, journalists may publish a series of articles and op-eds, and scholars may focus on writing an academic articles, monographs, or book chapters.

Alumni Initiatives

Fellows have chosen to devote their time in residence to exploring new frontiers in their democracy work. Many alumni have returned home inspired to launch new initiatives and expand existing efforts, such as founding new organizations, developing civic education curricula and trainings, and even establishing new fellowship exchange programs.