Fellows Research

A Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship offers fellows an important opportunity to step back from the field, reflect upon their work, and explore new ideas in a comparative context.  To help support their research goals, we are pleased to offer the following resources:

Democracy Resource CenterDemocracy Resource Center

Fellows have access to NED’s Democracy Resource Center (DRC). The center includes extensive electronic resources and a specialized library housing some 20,000 works, including books, journals, grantee reports, and other publications on democracy.

The DRC’s expert staff will assist you with your research and connect you to other local libraries and external resources.

  Research Associates

Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows benefit from the support of Research Associates (“RAs”), who provide you with vital assistance in the areas of research, writing, outreach, and international exchange. RAs offer substantive input on the shape and direction of fellows’ projects; provide research and editorial assistance; facilitate fellows’ outreach; and contribute to presentations and products.

Research conducted by former fellows has culminated in an impressive range of presentations and products, as well as initiatives and institutions implemented after their fellowship period.