Asia Regional 2021

Asia Democracy Network

Strengthening Civil Society Solidarity and Cooperation in Asia


To strengthen regional solidarity, cooperation, and support for human rights and democracy throughout Asia. The organization will organize a variety of activities to bolster national and regional networks of civil society to help foster the consolidation and expansion of democracy across the region. It will convene national-level consultations in up to ten strategically selected countries to deepen its national networks and identify key democratic priorities that will inform the agenda and frameworks for action for its annual regional democracy forum.

Asia Democracy Network

Strengthening Civil Society Solidarity and Cooperation in Asia


To bolster regional solidarity, support, and cooperation on human rights and democracy throughout Asia. The organization will strengthen its new flagship initiative, a comprehensive online information hub on democratic trends and issues in Asia, to enhance the organization’s ability to interface with partners and amplify local voices on critical challenges facing democratic actors across the region. The organization will also expand its institutional capacity to engage and network with its members, partners, and other stakeholders through collaboration on joint initiatives as well as digital outreach and communications.

East Asia Institute

Advancing Democratic Values through a Regional Think Tank Network


To strengthen a regional network of democracy research think tanks to provide action-oriented and policy-driven research in support of efforts to advance democratic norms and values across Asia. The organization will support the network to strengthen efforts to transform research into policy and facilitate cooperation among think tanks and other regional institutions through joint-research, public discussion, and policy advocacy on shared democratic challenges and opportunities, including direct democracy, transitional justice and reconciliation, and the protection of minority rights.

Japan Center for International Exchange, Inc.

Expanding Support for Democratic Governance in Asia


To promote solidarity and cooperation among Asian democracies and foreign policy communities to advance democratic norms and a rules-based order throughout the Asia region. The organization will carry out a program and international conference to engage key thought leaders, government officials, and legislative members to develop a strategic vision for democracy support as a pillar of Japan’s foreign policy and diplomacy, as well as ways for Japanese democrats to play an important role in global efforts to build democratic unity.

Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation

Strengthening Civil Society Networks for Securing Civic Space in Asia


To strengthen the capacity and engagement of Japanese and Asian civil society to advocate on issues of civic space, democratic governance, rule of law, and accountability. The organization will carry out research and advocacy on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 16 as well as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights by Asian governments. It will convene an international conference and engage with national and international networks and organizations working to defend and expand civic space.

SECM Tech Solutions

Building a Digital Security Protection Ecosystem in Southeast Asia


To enhance regional capacity and awareness around digital security for human rights defenders in Southeast Asia. The organization will lay the foundation for a digital security and protection network by conducting research on trends in the digital security ecosystem and developing localized training curricula. Through a training of trainers approach, the organization will build networks of local actors to provide digital security training to local civil society and serve as local points of contact in response to security threats.

Solidarity Center (SC)

Asia Trade Union Strengthening


To defend and protect worker rights in Asia, the Center will support efforts to strengthen the capacity of trade unions to organize, bargain and advocate for better protections for workers, and to raise public awareness and promote public participation in worker rights issues.

Solidarity Center (SC)

Occupational & Environmental Health and Safety


To provide a voice for workers and advance occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) rights, the Center will collaborate with partners in Asia to strengthen national and regional networks capacity to facilitate exchanges, advance national and regional initiatives, and empower victims and grassroots advocates. This project will also address forced labor issues in certain manufacturing sectors.

Solidarity Center (SC)

Revitalizing Trade Union Capacity and Worker Voice in Indonesia and Malaysia


To continue supporting workers participation in democratic development in Indonesia and Malaysia, the Center will work with trade unions in both countries in a variety of sectors to bolster their internal democratic systems and revitalize their capacity for civic participation as advocates domestically and in the international supply chain. Programs will focus on union organizing, collective bargaining and grievance/case handling, as well as supply chain and government engagement. There will also be a focus on research and policy development.