Bolstering Human Rights Protection and Access to Justice

Accountability and Governance


To enhance the capacity of and access to justice for land and natural resource rights defenders and victims in Cambodia. The project will provide democracy and legal trainings for community members and activists affected by land rights issues. It will also provide legal support and dispute resolution opportunities for affected communities and individuals who are at risk of charges, arrest, and detention as a result of their land and natural resource rights activism. 

Cultivating Democratic Leadership Among Youth

Democratic Ideas and Values


To strengthen the capacity of young Cambodians to participate in democratic discourse and provide an opportunity to develop their role in cultivating democratic values and processes. The organization will equip youth with writing and critical thinking skills and provide a platform to produce commentary on key issues affecting democracy and human rights. The organization will also convene a workshop for youth to debate on democratic challenges and possible solutions.

Defending Press Freedom and Independent Media

Freedom of Information


To defend press freedom and freedom of information, and to provide independent news to Cambodian citizens. Project activities will include publishing a daily online Khmer-language newspaper to provide accurate and independent news and analysis that is not covered in mainstream Cambodian media, and hosting a daily live talk show to debate issues facing Cambodia’s democracy and human rights.