Amplifying Citizens’ Perspectives on Political Participation

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


The Institute will amplify the voices of Hong Kong citizens by supporting the dissemination of public opinion poll findings on democratic development. Further, to increase young Hong Kongers’ ability to tell and share their stories, the Institute will support Hong Kong youth engagement through digital storytelling on everyday citizens’ experiences with political participation. The Institute will also support international engagement and advocacy on political reform and Hong Kong’s democratic development.

Building International Solidarity and Support for Freedom in Hong Kong

Rule of Law


To build international solidarity and support to defend fundamental freedoms and rule of law. The organization will inform international stakeholders on the deteriorating political situation in Hong Kong, advocate for strategic actions using available international and national mechanisms, and expand an international network of supporters through outreach, advocacy, and media engagement.  

Building Regional Solidarity and Empowering the Hong Kong Movement

Democratic Ideas and Values


To strengthen the Hong Kong movement through regional strategy and network building and to cultivate the next generation of Hong Kong activists. The organization will work to support Hong Kong’s democracy movement by connecting it with like-minded actors within civil society networks in Asia, facilitating strategy and capacity-building opportunities, and raising awareness and solidarity through various regional platforms in Asia.    

Documenting and Defending Against Surveillance

Civic Education


To document surveillance and to educate and empower democracy activists to defend against it. The organization will conduct research, disseminate the resulting reports through relevant networks, and provide digital security training to civil society actors and interested citizens to enable them to protect themselves from government overreach and preserve channels for democratic discourse and advocacy.

Documenting Human Rights Violations for Accountability in Hong Kong

Accountability and Governance


To fortify accountability initiatives addressing human rights violations. The organization will create a database to archive video, audio, and photographic documentation of human rights violations, and make it available to civil society seeking to facilitate access to redress and rehabilitation. The organization will also use the database to support legal and advocacy efforts through local and international mechanisms for justice.

Empowering Independent Journalists and Protecting Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information


To expand the skills of experienced journalists and to train citizen journalists to strengthen freedom of information in Hong Kong. The organization will provide seasoned journalists with the skills and access to support services necessary to function safely and effectively, identify and train citizen journalists on best practices and professional standards, and develop an independent media network to protect freedom of information in Hong Kong.

Expanding Access to Justice in Hong Kong

Rule of Law


To expand and improve access to justice for activists. The organization will identify and coordinate legal service providers for democracy activists, provide legal training for students and civil society members to empower them to defend themselves and their rights in legal forums, and develop a sustainable network among legal, medical, and social actors to respond rapidly and effectively to the needs of the democracy activist community.

Promoting Democratic and Labor Rights

Solidarity Center (SC)


To promote and protect democratic and labor rights in Hong Kong, the center will work with partners to provide immediate capacity-building support, organizational stability, and integration with the pro-democracy movement to newly-founded unions. The project will also challenge political retaliation by employers against workers based on their support or participation in the pro-democracy protests, in an effort to protect freedom of assembly, free speech, the right to strike, and other democratic rights in Hong Kong. 

Strengthening Citizen Election Observation

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen citizen election observation efforts in Hong Kong in advance of the September 2020 Legislative Council election. The institute will carry out a program that will provide technical and financial assistance to newly formed groups focusing on election monitoring, get-out-the-vote efforts, and local capacity building to improve all stages of the electoral process.

Supporting Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement

Human Rights


To build the capacity of democracy activists-in-exile, and to raise awareness of and garner support for the pro-democracy movement. The organization and its partner will leverage their extensive existing networks to support exiled activists and to sustain and grow activist communities, providing training to empower these communities to engage in effective advocacy. The organization will also strengthen regional and international support for the pro-democracy movement by coordinating with other rights NGOs, hosting outreach events, and implementing social media campaigns.

Supporting Unity Among Student Activists (SUSA)

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To improve coordination between Hong Kong student groups in advance of the September Legislative Council Elections, increase their ability to get their message to international audiences, and provide them with key regional and international connections, the Institute will host a series of skills-building workshops, sustained mentorship activities, and a conference on effecting democratic change in challenging circumstances. This program will support individuals well-placed to maximize political participation and bolster turnout in the lead-up to this critical vote and support those individuals to make the most of the electoral result.