Hong Kong (China) 2021

Democratic Norms, Ideas and Values

Sustaining Democratic Movements and Building Regional Solidarity


To strengthen democratic movements by enhancing the capacity of activists, building regional networks, and cultivating new cohorts of supporters. The organization will mobilize civil society groups across Asia to organize solidarity and networking events, engage in regional outreach and advocacy, and provide trainings and support to develop the capacity of groups working to sustain pro-democracy movements in exile.

Universal Rights

Expanding Access to Justice for Pro-Democracy Activists


To expand and improve access to justice for pro-democracy activists. The organization will identify and coordinate legal service providers for activists, build the capacity of civil society groups to defend their rights, and develop a sustainable network among legal and social actors to effectively respond to the needs of democratic stakeholders. In addition, the organization will support local civil society groups to engage international human rights bodies.

Universal Rights

Building International Solidarity and Support for Freedom


To build international solidarity and support to defend fundamental freedoms and rule of law. The organization will inform international stakeholders on the deteriorating political situation in the region, advocate for strategic actions using available international and national mechanisms, and expand an international network of supporters through outreach, advocacy, and media engagement.