Indonesia 2021


National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Ensuring Democracy Delivers For Indigenous People


To ensure democracy delivers for Indigenous People by reducing barriers to their political participation and building the skills of Indigenous leaders and advocates, as well as their capacity to engage in politics and policymaking. The Institute will collaborate with its local partner, the Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN), and others to develop and undertake a series of research, monitoring and education programs. This program comprises the first phase of a two-phase initiative that extends through the 2024 elections to ensure Indigenous communities are equipped with the knowledge, skills, tools, and networks needed to increase their political participation and strengthen the ability of Indigenous leaders to affect change in their communities.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

The Next Generation of Political Party Leaders: Catalysts for a Resilient Democracy


To increase government responsiveness to public needs in Indonesia, at both the national and local level, the Institute will create opportunities and capacity for emerging, reform-minded leaders to promote structural democratic change within their political parties and government institutions based on constituents’ needs. The Institute will provide a platform for those leaders to network among themselves and connect with national leaders through integrated policy roundtable workshops on domestic and foreign policy issues.


INFID – International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development

Promoting Tolerance, Democracy, and Human Rights to Prevent Violent Extremism


To strengthen local, national, and Asia regional initiatives to promote tolerance, pluralism, and human rights to counter extremism. The project will produce research on public attitudes and trends in radicalism, which will be used to inform policy advocacy and public awareness campaigns. The project will engage educators, youth, and local government officials to enhance an ongoing campaign to promote pluralism and tolerance. The organization will also convene a national human rights festival and hold international meetings to enhance cooperation on promoting tolerance among religious institutions.