Mainland China 2021

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Collaborative Responses to Democratic Threats Phase III


To amplify the diverse voices of policy experts; to sustain civil society by increasing the capacity and access to information of CSOs; and to nurture the next generation of young civil society leaders. The Center will cultivate partnerships between actors within the civil society sector and work with local partners to develop capacity building resources and increase access to information for CSOs and emerging young leaders.


Solidarity Center (SC)

Advancing Worker Rights and the Rule Of Law


To raise awareness about worker rights violations and promote better enforcement of labor laws, and to combat gender-based discrimination and violence in the workplace. The Center will collaborate with a wide array of partners to implement activities that educate workers about their legal rights, develop activists and worker leaders, and build their capacity to address various workplace concerns and improve working conditions. The project will provide financial and technical support to public interest lawyers to litigate cases involving gender-based discrimination and violence at work. It will also support partners to raise public awareness about various worker rights violations and develop policy recommendations.


Universal Rights

Strengthening Civil Society to Protect Rights and Promote Accountability 


To strengthen the capacity of civil society and legal actors to advocate for human rights and expand access to justice for vulnerable and marginalized groups. The organization will build the capacity of civil society organizations and lawyers to engage in rights defense on a diverse range of topics.


Universal Rights

Supporting Freedom of Information and Countering Digital Authoritarianism in China


To strengthen freedom of expression, provide access to uncensored news and commentary, document the use of surveillance and censorship technologies domestically and internationally, and support a global network to counter digital authoritarianism. The organization will increase access to information in and from Chinese cyberspace, document and analyze manipulation and censorship of information and support an international network of stakeholders to share expertise on the impact of digital authoritarianism on democratic institutions.


Universal Rights

Strengthening Worker Rights and Representation


To increase awareness of labor rights issues and improve workers’ legal knowledge to protect and advocate for their interests. The organization will produce investigative reports on labor rights violations and conduct trainings for workers on labor laws, rights defense, and emerging issues of concern.


Universal Rights

Empowering Citizen Journalists to Defend Human Rights


To increase the capacity of citizen journalists to report on governance and human rights issues and engage in public debate and creative advocacy for reform.


Universal Rights

Defending the Religious Liberty of Persecuted Groups through Media Advocacy


To raise international awareness of the persecution of religious groups and support advocacy for their rights in China. The organization will publish accounts of religious persecution and analyze domestic policy developments and regulations on religion.


Citizen Participation and Inclusion

Supporting Frontline Human Rights Defenders and Incubating Grassroots Advocacy Organizations


To build the capacity of NGOs and activists to engage in effective human rights advocacy and to reduce the risks they face in an increasingly repressive environment. The organization will support and incubate groups focused on various human rights topics.


Democratic Norms, Ideas and Values

Amplifying Worker-Driven Narratives to Inform and Advance Labor Rights Activism


To amplify workers’ voices and inform and advance labor rights advocacy through research and analysis of emerging forms of worker activism and related media narratives. The organization will monitor and assess narratives about labor activism and disseminate its findings to stakeholders domestically and internationally to inform advocacy efforts.


Democratic Governance

Defending and Strengthening International Rule of Law Against Authoritarian Influence


To defend and strengthen international legal procedures and agreements related to extradition agreements against authoritarian influence and misuse. The organization will design and execute research and advocacy campaigns to better protect individuals living overseas at risk of political persecution or other human rights violations.


Democratic Governance

Supporting Rights Defenders and Strengthening Local CSOs


To support, aid, and defend human rights defenders and their families, produce reports, and engage in international advocacy on rule of law and human rights abuses to mitigate risks to rights defenders. The organization will assist human rights defenders and their families, work with other civil society organizations to improve legal and strategic advocacy. The organization will also produce reports to identify and raise awareness of new developments that implicate human rights abuses.


Democratic Governance

Empowering Citizens to Defend Property and Privacy Rights


To raise awareness about personal and property rights, digital security, and human rights lawyering topics generally. The organization will conduct research and organize learning and capacity building opportunities for networks working on these issues.


Universal Rights

Humanitarian Assistance for Human Rights Defenders


To provide financial assistance to human rights defenders and democrats at risk who face persecution and hardship due to their work. Through coordination and collaboration with relevant networks, the project will distribute short-term emergency aid to human rights defenders, pro-democracy activists, political thinkers, and their families as they experience harassment and repression as a result of their political beliefs or advocacy efforts.


Universal Rights

Empowering Religious and Ethnic Minorities and Calling for Accountability


To empower an international advocacy network to hold the government accountable for egregious human rights violations through developing advocacy resources, coordination, and strategic action across democratic institutional mechanisms. The organization will develop resources to equip the victim communities with knowledge and skills to advocate and expose state-directed or -facilitated human organ harvesting, provide training for and build a network of members of the targeted communities and other stakeholders to raise international awareness about this issue and call for accountability.


Universal Rights

Improving International Advocacy Skills of Rights Defenders


To strengthen the effectiveness and influence of human rights defenders engaging in international advocacy and multilateral coordination efforts, and to improve the safety and sustainability of these advocacy strategies for activists. The organization will partner with rights defenders to execute advocacy strategies at the international level and build their skills to sustainably engage in such work. It will also guide coalitions of peer organizations to implement multilateral advocacy initiatives. The organization will research methods of government reprisals and promote countermeasures.


Universal Rights

Supporting Rights Defenders and Strengthening Regional Advocacy


To build the capacity of human rights defenders and legal professionals to engage in rights defense, and strengthen and expand international advocacy for and awareness of persecuted human rights and democracy activists. The organization will work with partners to provide trainings and support for rights defenders. It will also strengthen and expand networks of stakeholders advocating for persecuted groups in the region by preparing submissions for international legal forums and engaging in targeted outreach efforts to the legal community.


Universal Rights

Enhancing the Capacity of Civil Society to Promote Human Rights


To build the capacity of civil society actors to advocate for, promote, and defend human rights, and to foster greater understanding of universal human rights standards and available mechanisms among key stakeholder groups. The organization will provide support to human rights defenders to improve their skills in rights defense and civil society advocacy work more generally. It will also connect rights defenders with opportunities to learn about and engage in international human rights advocacy.


Democratic Governance

Supporting Civil Society to Advance the Rule of Law


To advance the rule of law by supporting civil society organizations and legal actors to defend human rights. The organization will support work addressing systemic abuses in the justice system, including torture and lack of access to a fair trial; equal access to education for marginalized populations; and advocacy on the rights of vulnerable groups. The organization will facilitate activities to improve lawyers’ skills and strategies, support legal actions, engage in international advocacy, and implement educational campaigns.


Democratic Governance

Empowering Environmental Rights Activists


To support a network of environmental groups to monitor, document, and conduct advocacy and public outreach, and to promote citizen engagement and government accountability. The project will help local partners coordinate initiatives to promote citizen engagement in efforts to protect the environment, to ensure compliance by local governments and businesses, to increase access to justice, and to empower new activists.


Democratic Norms, Ideas and Values

Promoting Democratic Values and Discourse among Chinese Democratic Activists


To promote awareness of democratic values among the Chinese public domestically and abroad, and to inform the international community about the human rights situation within mainland China. The organization will continue its outreach through circulation of written analyses of and information about Chinese governance through its website and social media channels. Organization staff will also give interviews to international and Chinese press and engage in online and in-person events focused on advocacy and awareness-raising.


Universal Rights

Protecting Free and Open Access to Online Information


To provide access to censored media, news, and information websites through a free and safe Internet platform. This project will facilitate access to uncensored news and information about democracy, human rights, and civil society. In addition, the organization will work to develop new tools to accurately track and assess increased government censorship and control of the open internet in neighboring jurisdictions.