Nepal 2021


Samata Foundation

Promoting and Protecting Dalit Rights


To advocate for the enactment and implementation of policies that protect and advance the rights of Dalits. Through research, advocacy meetings, and interactive discussion forums, the organization will monitor and analyze prevailing concerns among the Dalit community, identify gaps in policy, and provide recommendations to government officials to ensure inclusion and protection of marginalized communities’ rights.


Pokhara Research Centre

Strengthening Youth Political Participation


To promote youth political participation that deepens their understanding and engagement with public policy making and the legislative process. Through a competitive and iterative process, 12 youth will be selected to participate in a comprehensive parliamentary research training program where they will learn the skills necessary to support provincial parliamentarians in pursuing informed, data driven, citizen-centered policymaking.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

Yuva Netritwa: Paradarshi Niti (Youth Leadership: Transparent Policy) (Reprogramming from 2020-0010PC)


To strengthen youth political and civic participation as champions for democratic change, the Institute will provide emerging leaders increased opportunities to build momentum for youth activism and put pressure on Nepali political decision-makers to become more transparent, accountable and citizen-centered in their decisions. The Institute will achieve this through developing networks of youth activists and providing them with skills, resources, and platforms to build connections and advocate concerns to political party leaders.


Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Strengthening Civic Engagement and Government Accountability through Technology


To strengthen civic engagement and government transparency and accountability through the use of citizen-centered technology. The organization will develop a crowdsourcing digital platform that enables citizens to submit local governance grievances to elected representatives in real time. The platform will be accompanied by a series of panel talks, townhalls, and workshops that will empower citizens and public officials to promote transparent and accountable government through technology-enabled solutions.