Pakistan 2021


Tech for Change

Code for Pakistan: Promoting Civic Innovation and Engagement through Technology


To strengthen civic engagement and promote public transparency and accountability through the use of technology. The grantee will conduct a fellowship program, facilitate the development of open source civic applications that strengthen collaboration and information-sharing between citizens and the government, and organize events such as workshops, hackathons, civic innovation lab meetups, and networking events to promote citizen contributions to open and participatory governance.


Solidarity Center (SC)

Promoting Decent Work in Pakistan


To promote decent work in the construction sector in Pakistan, the Center will build upon the activities in phase one of this project by supporting partners with organizing workers in the brick kiln sector by raising awareness on occupational health and safety among unions and updating a previously developed certification mechanism for socially and environmentally compliant production of bricks.


Society for the Advancement of Education

Strengthening University Campus Radio Facilities to Train Youth for Development


To build the capacity of university students and faculty to promote tolerant and pluralistic values through media and civic actions. The project will train faculty and students to counter violent extremist narratives and promote democratic values through citizen journalism and campus radio. The trained students and faculty will organize on-campus events and produce radio programs to promote social and religious tolerance.


Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy

Strengthening Rural Women’s Political Participation


To strengthen civic engagement and electoral participation among rural communities, particularly among women and youth. The organization will carry out voter registration and voter education campaigns in four districts of Punjab. It will also work with a national network of rural women leaders to engage in advocacy and raise civic awareness on issues related to the political empowerment of women in rural areas.


Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency

Improving Performance of Democratic Institutions and Accountability Structures


To deepen dialogue and analysis of systemic challenges to democratic consolidation and encourage greater citizen awareness of the constitutional roles of state institutions in governance. The organization will produce a monthly newsletter and videos on relations between state institutions, conduct track-II dialogue, convene a high-level group to discuss inter-institutional relations and issue public recommendations, and conduct research and analysis for policy reform.


PAHEL Pakistan

Engaging Youth to Promote Human Rights, Pluralism and Democracy


To strengthen the capacity of youth to advocate for human rights, democratic governance, and peace.  The organization will provide training and support to youth to conduct grassroots and online campaigns in fifteen districts of northern Sindh and southern Punjab.  This network of trained youth will plan and organize awareness-raising and advocacy activities on human rights, good governance and pluralism, engaging with local government, educational institutions, and local communities.


Mountain Youth Resource and Social Welfare Organization

Strengthening Citizen Journalism and Public Accountability in Gilgit-Baltistan


To highlight issues faced by citizens and promote public accountability of the government and elected representatives in Gilgit-Baltistan. The project will train citizen journalists to monitor the performance of elected representatives and local government as well as document issues faced by local communities. The citizen-journalist produced content will be used to promote dialogue between citizens and their elected representatives and for advocacy initiatives.


Mehergarh: A Center for Learning

Strengthening Women’s Political Engagement and the Implementation of Pro-Women Laws


To strengthen the implementation of pro-women legislation, build leadership skills among women and youth, and promote cultural pluralism and tolerance. The organization will engage with the government, private sector, civil society as part of its long-term advocacy efforts to enact and ensure compliance with pro-women laws. It will also organize training courses on democracy and pluralism for cultural activists, women, and youth. The participants from these trainings will engage in advocacy campaigns and social movements on the specific themes.


Citizen Participation and Inclusion

Music for Peace: Promoting Pluralism and Tolerance Through Music and Social Media


To engage youth and civil society in a grassroots campaign to promote democratic values of pluralism, tolerance, and peace.  The grantee will organize a series of music events in educational institutions and produce educational videos to support civil society and social movements working for a more pluralistic and tolerant society, and to raise awareness of youth about ways to promote tolerance and strengthen democratic values within society.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

Promoting Grassroots Leadership and Political Engagement


To empower local government officials to carry out their responsibilities as elected representatives and assume leadership positions within their political parties and communities, and to increase youth participation and representation in local government activities and foster greater political engagement, the Institute will undertake a multi-pronged approach that targets national, provincial and local stakeholders. The Institute will build the capacity of local government officials and convene multi-stakeholder roundtable discussions. In addition, the Institute will continue supporting political parties to improve their ability to engage with young people and will also partner with youth-focused civil society organizations to develop the next generation of Pakistani political leaders.


Global Neighbourhood for Media Innovation

Fighting Disinformation and Supporting Independent Media


To strengthen journalists’ skills in fact-checking, investigative journalism, and their ability to identify and counter disinformation in both traditional and digital media. The organization will carry out an online media capacity-building project to increase journalists’ skills to counter disinformation and carry out responsible, ethical fact-based reporting. The project will also publish digital content produced by participants and organize webinars on the thematic issues related to democracy, pluralism, human rights, and media freedom.


Universal Rights

Fostering Safe and Democratic Online Spaces for Civil Society


To strengthen the ability of civil society groups, human rights defenders, and media practitioners to participate in online spaces safely and to advocate effectively for digital rights. The organization will maintain a cybersecurity helpline to provide assistance to at-risk individuals and groups, conduct trainings on digital security and online advocacy, and establish a digital media fellowship program to foster online platforms for issue-based advocacy and to promote freedom of expression.


Development, Awareness and Management of Natural Resources

Civic Education and Engagement for Minority Communities in Sindh


To increase public awareness of and civic engagement with democratic institutions and electoral processes. The organization will conduct a civic education program to strengthen knowledge among women and youth about democratic rights and good governance. The program will include exposure visits to national- and provincial-level political and civic institutions, awareness-raising sessions, advocacy training, street theater performances, forums bringing together citizens and elected representatives to promote public accountability, and a celebration of International Democracy Day.


Chanan Development Association

Building the Next Generation of Civil Society Leadership


To strengthen the leadership capacity of young activists and provide a platform for youth from across Pakistan for meaningful civic engagement and expression. The organization will train youth in leadership skills and then connect these emerging leaders to established civil society leaders, politicians, and other youth-led groups. Through roundtables, dialogues, and a national forum, these youth leaders will highlight their concerns with decision-makers, develop action plans, and lay the groundwork for youth-led civil society campaigns.


Centre for Social Justice

Leadership Development and Media Training for Religious Minorities


To strengthen political leadership skills and promote greater inclusion and participation in political processes among religious minorities. Working in six districts of Pakistan, the project will enhance leadership skills of members of minority wings of mainstream political parties through trainings and lectures and strengthen collaboration through study circles and provincial and national-level conventions. The project will also engage youth for a social media campaign on minority rights and religious freedom.


Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives

Budget Research and Advocacy for Democratic Accountability


To promote government transparency and accountability in the use of public funds. The organization will produce research reports on budget transparency and public resource allocation at the provincial and national levels; strengthen the capacity of a national network of civil society organizations to conduct research and advocacy on budget accountability; expand outreach to media, academia, and elected representatives on budget-related issues; and increase budget literacy through citizens’ budgets.


Centre for Human Rights Education

Training Institute for Democracy, Human Rights and Peace


To strengthen the skills and knowledge of activists in promoting human rights, democracy, and peace and to promote public discourse and activism on issues of peace and democracy. The organization will conduct training courses for activists on democracy and peace and tolerance in an effort to strengthen a grassroots movement on pluralism and religious tolerance.


Centre for Governance and Public Accountability

Advocacy Campaign for Effective Local Governments in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


To improve the legislative framework for an effective, democratic, and accountable local government system in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The project will train members of a provincial-level civil society network to carry out an advocacy campaign that seeks to generate public pressure on the government to enact local governance reforms and hold local elections in a timely manner.  The campaign will involve research, press conferences, outreach through radio and newspapers, meetings with legislators, awareness-raising sessions for local communities, and public seminars.


Center for Peace and Secular Studies

Civic Education to Promote Democratic Values among Youth


To promote a culture of peace, tolerance and respect for political, religious and ethnic pluralism among youth. Working in five urban districts of Punjab, the group will organize civic education sessions in 100 schools and work with educators to introduce civic education courses in their respective educational institutions. The project will also produce civic education materials such as videos, booklets and a song.


Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Mobilizing Economic Reformers To Keep Critical Civic Space Open In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


To support market-oriented economic think tanks and civil society in advancing solutions to challenges of local economic development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The Center will work with local partners to improve the business regulatory environment and encourage local economic development through evidence based public-private dialogues on inclusive economic growth.


Association for Integrated Development Balochistan

Strengthening Public Awareness and the Implementation of Right to Information in Balochistan


To support the effective implementation of the right to information law in Balochistan and enhance public transparency and accountability. The project will support the development of procedures and rules for the implementation of the right to information law. In addition, the organization will carry out a public awareness campaign about the law and build the capacity of civil society, media, and other key groups to use the law to strengthen accountability and transparency in governance.


Accountability Lab

Leadership and Accountability Program for Civil Servants


To promote values and behaviors that strengthen accountability and integrity among civil servants. The organization will develop and implement a program on accountable leadership for civil servants entering government service. The program participants will learn about personal, institutional, and public accountability and apply “design thinking” methodology to devise citizen-centered solutions to problems of democratic governance and accountability.