Philippines 2021


Solidarity Center (SC)

Promoting Worker Rights in Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Projects and Growth Sectors


To support new efforts by multiple stakeholders, including trade union partners, civil society and grassroots organizations, global union federations, and U.S. trade unions, to develop worker advocacy and union organizing strategies to advance labor rights and freedoms in the Philippines. These efforts will be concentrated in key economic growth sectors, and emphasize outreach to youth, women and other marginalized groups of workers. Accordingly, the project will conduct survey and mapping activities, research, and workshops on organizing strategy, worker outreach, and paralegal trainings to address labor rights violations, depending on the sector.


PumaPublic Productions Corporation

Supporting Democracy and Human Rights-Focused Podcasts to Engage New Audiences


To provide the public with independent, accurate information, analysis, and commentary on political, social, and economic issues to promote and advance democratic discourse. The organization will develop podcast programming that will produce a range of shows and audio documentaries focusing on various democracy and human rights issues, including those that touch on governance, public policies, the law, and political processes.


Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Inc.

Investigative Journalism to Strengthen the Public Discourse on Democracy


To bolster the media’s ability to promote transparency and accountability and strengthen public discourse on democracy and human rights through investigative journalism. The organization will produce investigative reports on democracy and rights issues; coordinate capacity building fellowships for reporters; organize an investigative journalism conference; and host an investigative journalism hub for reporters to share data and resources.


People’s Alternative Studies Center for Research and Education in Social Development, Inc.

Grassroots Capacity Building for Democracy and Human Rights Advocacy


To strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations to promote human rights and democracy. The organization will conduct a series of trainings for grassroots activists from across the country on a range of topics, including the promotion of a democracy and human rights agenda, understanding the impact on citizens’ rights of various legislation, and strategies for local and national level advocacy. Participants will conduct follow-on activities to share their knowledge, expand their networks, and collaborate on advocacy campaigns to support policies that promote democratic participation and human rights protection.


National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Bangsamoro Inclusive Political Party and Policy Development


To support the democratic political transition of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), and promote the inclusion of women and Indigenous Peoples in the democratic process, the Institute will conduct several activities in a program to strengthen new and existing political parties, as well as to increase dialogue and foster stronger partnerships among civil society, political parties, women and Indigenous Peoples. In collaboration with a local partner organization, the Institute will provide comprehensive technical training for political parties and support multi-stakeholder roundtables, grassroots town halls and outreach activities on public policy issues.


Mindanao Institute of Journalism, Inc.

Supporting Independent Media and Policy Discourse in Mindanao


To provide the public with a credible source of independent news reporting and to foster public participation in open debate. The organization will publish an online daily newspaper that covers critical and underreported issues in the southern region of the country on topics including the peace process, human rights, governance, business, and the environment.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

Strengthening and Mobilizing the Democratic Movement (Sweep-up Rebudgeting to 2020-0010II)


To support a coalition of democratic actors, consisting of civil society organizations, community leaders and civic activists in widening their base of support; amplifying their efforts ahead of the 2022 elections to denounce and act against democratic backsliding and to promote democratic values and norms in the Philippines; and increase Filipinos’ political engagement, the Institute will implement a program of technical assistance and applied learning opportunities to unite democratic actors ahead of the 2022 elections and to streamline and amplify their efforts to collectively act to counter democratic backsliding and promote democratic values, norms and institutions in the Philippines.


Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking (CYAN) Inc.

Fostering Democratic Values and Civic Engagement Among Youth


To strengthen coordination and collaboration among young democracy and human rights advocates. The project will build the capacity of young leaders and youth organizations to foster a democratic political culture through coordination of democracy hubs across the country. The hubs will serve as spaces to develop their understanding and practice of democratic principles and civic engagement through training courses, public events, and joint projects. Other activities will present youth with opportunities to contribute their voices to advocacy campaigns, public discussions, and debates on democracy challenges facing the country.