Sout Asia Regional 2021

South Asia Regional 

Solidarity Center (SC)

Promoting Decent Work Conditions and Fundamental Workplace Freedoms for all Workers


Public Summary: To strengthen the organizing and leadership capacities of trade union partners in South Asia to advocate for and advance the rights of all workers, including women, youth, migrants and other underrepresented workers, and enhance awareness and support advocacy capacity on gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) and sustainable development goals (SDGs). The Center will provide trainings, technical assistance and facilitate coalition building between the trade unions in Sri Lanka, Maldives, India and Nepal. To complement these efforts, the Center will promote the inclusion of marginalized groups, particularly youth and women and informal sector workers, within the trade union movement to be more reflective of the workforce at large.  

South Asia Regional 

Himal Southasian

Promoting Independent Journalism on South Asia
Public Summary: To promote journalistic coverage of South Asia that is factually accurate and offers a unique regional perspective. Himal Southasian’s unique perspective allows it to feature stories on policies and challenges that can benefit from cross border or regional understanding or do not find space in domestic media. For over 30 years, it has been South Asia’s foremost respected publication with a regional perspective and a global footprint, reporting continuously on under-reported subjects and areas.

Southeast Asia Regional 

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Promoting Democratic Norms And Narratives In Southeast Asia Through Regional Cooperation


Public Summary: The purpose of this project is to empower a network of private sector advocates from Southeast Asia to defend democratic norms and market-oriented principles. The Center will coalesce and convene reform-minded economic think tanks to amplify their work in the region and develop a long-term strategy for advancing democratic, transparent, and accountable governance in Asia. In addition, the Center will increase the sustainability, capability, and effectiveness of economic and governance think tanks from across Southeast Asia by expanding private sector support and developing the next generation of thought leaders. 

Southeast Asia Regional 

Observatory Southeast Asia Limited

Enhancing Regional Cooperation on Media Freedom in Southeast Asia
Public Summary: To enhance regional cooperation, solidarity, and support for media freedom in Southeast Asia. The organization will lay the foundation for a regional media freedom network by researching and publishing country-level reports on media environments across Southeast Asia and develop a nuanced understanding of the challenges facing independent media in the region. The organization will also carry out targeted outreach to leading media and civil society actors in Southeast Asia to identify ways in which a regional network could defend and promote media freedom. Through its online news site, New Naratif, this media and advocacy organization promotes democracy, freedom of information, and freedom of expression in Southeast Asia