Advancing Shared Principles of Free Markets and Democracies in Asia

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To harness the energy of the business community to drive right to information (RTI) reforms, and to strengthen the ability of marginalized communities to participate in democratic processes and achieve economic empowerment in the Asia-Pacific region. Working with partners in countries across the region, the center will work to provide private sector solutions to democratic challenges in Asia.

Promoting Freedom of Association, Migrant Worker, Gender Advancement and the Rule of Law in Indonesia and Malaysia

Solidarity Center (SC)


To continue supporting Indonesian and Malaysian workers to access, develop, and advocate for their rights through the promotion of unions, legal advocacy, research, and stakeholder engagement, the center will build the capacities of workers, union members and leadership, and other civil society organizations to serve as vehicles for the advancement of workers’ rights and broader policy initiatives on behalf of vulnerable members of the economy in both Indonesia and Malaysia to hold governments and domestic and international supply chains accountable for rights violations.

Strengthening Democratic Responses to Covid-19 in Southeast Asia

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen democratic responses to Covid-19 in Southeast Asia, the institute will provide technical assistance and peer-to-peer engagement opportunities to members of parliament and civil society networks in the region, with a specific focus on stakeholders in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The institute will support dialogue sessions for stakeholders to learn best practices and share lessons learned related to promoting government accountability in the context of the pandemic, including in areas such as conducting elections, gender-sensitive service delivery, and monitoring stimulus pac