Southeast Asia Regional 2021

Southeast Asia Regional

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Promoting Democratic Norms And Narratives In Southeast Asia Through Regional Cooperation


The purpose of this project is to empower a network of private sector advocates from Southeast Asia to defend democratic norms and market-oriented principles. The Center will coalesce and convene reform-minded economic think tanks to amplify their work in the region and develop a long-term strategy for advancing democratic, transparent, and accountable governance in Asia. In addition, the Center will increase the sustainability, capability, and effectiveness of economic and governance think tanks from across Southeast Asia by expanding private sector support and developing the next generation of thought leaders.

Southeast Asia Regional

Observatory Southeast Asia Limited

Enhancing Regional Cooperation on Media Freedom in Southeast Asia


To enhance regional cooperation, solidarity, and support for media freedom in Southeast Asia. The organization will lay the foundation for a regional media freedom network by publishing research on media environments across Southeast Asia. Additionally, The organization will also conduct outreach to identify ways in which a regional media freedom network could promote democracy, freedom of information, and freedom of expression.