Thailand 2021


Thai Volunteer Service

Human Rights Volunteer Project


To support the development of a new generation of human rights activists. The organization will coordinate a program to place young people as volunteers with civil society groups to introduce them to human rights issues and encourage them to become active participants in the country’s human rights movement. It will also convene alumni of the program to discuss ways to collaborate on democracy advocacy.


Solidarity Center (SC)

Labor Program 2021


To further promote international labor standards and protections in Thailand, the Center will leverage global trade union networks and international mechanisms including global framework agreements (GFAs), and 1) support and strengthen efforts by its partners to organize and bargain collectively, and protect themselves from anti-union and other retaliatory measures; and 2) support and intensify efforts by migrant workers to organize, build their capacity to access social benefits and protections, and file complaints and cases through the legal system for remedies from labor rights violations.


Punch Up World Co. Ltd.

Fostering Informed Debates on Politics and Governance


To provide the public with independent information on and analysis of critical socio-political issues to inform policy debates and promote civic participation. Combining civic technology, data analysis of government information, and journalism, the group will develop media products and analytical pieces that aim to present policy issues in more accessible and creative ways, strengthening public understanding of the country’s political and governance processes and encouraging citizen engagement in debates on key policy issues. It will also develop accountability tools to help citizens monitor parliament and track elected officials’ voting records.


National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Promoting Local Government Responsiveness to Citizen Demands


To strengthen the responsiveness of local government to citizen demands in Thailand, the Institute will convene a series of workshops and provide technical assistance to civil society and provincial administrative organizations in two target provinces. Program activities will provide technical and financial support to civil society advocacy efforts and train local officials on best practices for citizen engagement, enabling more responsive local policymaking processes. NDI will provide financial assistance to two local civil society organizations to implement advocacy initiatives to address local issues of concern and will collaborate with a local institute to coordinate with local civil society networks.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

Inclusive Democracy and Citizen Engagement


To bolster democratic and inclusive political processes in Thailand, the Institute will support policy-driven campaigning at the subnational level through work with candidates and political parties across the spectrum in advance of anticipated local elections. The Institute will also foster constructive, meaningful political and civic discourse by strengthening the ability of youth to effectively and democratically engage with relevant stakeholders, including decisionmakers.


Cafe Democracy

Promoting Democratic Values and Fostering Critical Thinking


To strengthen democratic values and foster critical thinking. The organization will organize a learning process on social and political engagement for young people as well as conduct workshops for target groups in schools and in civil society more broadly on nurturing critical thinking as a means to strengthen political awareness. Other activities will include public discussions on key socio-political issues to promote open dialogue.


Citizen Participation and Inclusion

Connecting Democracy and Human Rights Principles to Local Communities’ Challenges


To strengthen grassroots activists’ knowledge of democracy and human rights and foster regional cooperation on democracy-building efforts. The organization will conduct a series of trainings and dialogue sessions on democratic values, active citizenship, and political participation for land rights activists and local communities in northeastern Thailand to bolster their ability to contribute to debates about policies and challenges related to democracy and political reform.


Citizen Participation and Inclusion

Fostering Citizen Participation in Advancing Democracy and Human Rights


To expand and strengthen a regional network of community groups committed to promoting democracy and facilitate their learning and participation in debates on current political issues. Project activities will include discussion forums and trainings for activists and students on issues like political reform and public advocacy. The organization will also collaborate with various civil society organizations to conduct a series of information sessions for community leaders. Topics include Thai politics, the history of the democracy movement, social, economic, and political rights, and campaign strategies for a more representative democracy.


Citizen Participation and Inclusion

Promoting Democratic Values and Fostering Regional Discussions on Political Reform


To strengthen grassroots activists’ knowledge and practice of democratic principles. The organization will conduct a series of trainings on politics, democracy, and human rights; dialogue sessions with local communities; and public events to highlight challenges to democracy and to strengthen a regional civil society network that works actively for political reform.


Democratic Norms, Ideas and Values

Supporting Grassroots Engagement in Promoting Democracy


To strengthen activists’ political participation and practice of democratic principles. The group will foster conversations and advocacy campaigns among nationwide grassroots community networks and political parties about the need for an inclusive and democratic constitution. Activities will include training grassroots leaders to understand political debates, lead conversations, and articulate reform priorities. A series of public events and outreach activities will highlight the importance of a democratic constitution and its connections to challenges local communities face.