Tibet (China) 2021

Tibet (China) 

Tibetan Youth Association, Inc.

NOVATION from Tibetan Youth Association of Europe 2020-1216/AD-2020-08718-02 to Tibetan Youth Association, Inc. 2021-12714/AD-2021-12714-01 Novated by Board Approval


The organization will convene a series of interactive regional workshops to discuss the future of Tibet. By providing a forum for Tibetans in exile and Tibetans inside Tibet to express their opinions on critical issues concerning the future of the Tibet movement, the organization will encourage greater discussion and debate and promote democratic discourse in the Tibetan community.

Tibet (China) 

Tibet Watch

Strengthening Human Rights Monitoring, Reporting, and Advocacy on Tibet


To strengthen human rights monitoring, documentation, and reporting on the situation inside Tibet. The project will support information-gathering networks, expand the organization’s research capacity, and synthesize information to produce reports and briefings for governments, UN bodies, media, and human rights audiences.  Further, the project will strengthen advocacy  efforts by mobilizing grassroots and parliamentary support for Tibet.

Tibet (China) 

The Tibet Relief Fund of the United Kingdom

Strengthening Youth Political Participation


To strengthen engagement by youth and build the next generation of Tibetan leadership. The project will educate, empower, and activate a broad segment of Tibetan youth to become more directly involved as active political participants and future leaders.  Through a series of workshops on democracy, human rights, and the Tibet movement, coupled with leadership and advocacy skills training, the project will build youths’ capacity and inspire greater political engagement. Founded in 2018 by two young Tibetan women activists, Drokmo has delivered civic awareness trainings across India.

Tibet (China) 

The Tibet Relief Fund of the United Kingdom

Amplifying the Voices and Perspectives of Tibetans Inside Tibet


To amplify the voices of Tibetans in Tibet and increase understanding of political and social conditions in the country from Tibetans’ points of view. The organization will identify articles written by thought leaders, artists, and writers based in Tibet and China. Translating the pieces from Tibetan and Mandarin into English, the organization will disseminate the work widely to an international audience to promote accountability and the free flow of information, and to draw attention to China’s repressive policies in Tibet.

Tibet (China) 

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Support For Parliamentary Strengthening And International Advocacy


To strengthen the capacity of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile (TPiE) to conduct international advocacy, the Institute will facilitate strategic planning discussions among TPiE members of parliament (MPs) to identify international advocacy priorities and opportunities; provide tailored technical assistance on effective communications and advocacy skills; and assist the parliament in building and expanding its networks with key regional and international entities.

Tibet (China) 

International Tibet Network

Strengthening International Support for Democracy and Human Rights in Tibet


To increase the effectiveness of the global movement to end human rights violations and political repression in Tibet. The organization will coordinate the development and implementation of strategic campaigns for greater freedom in Tibet, by producing advocacy materials, providing capacity building trainings for members, convening regional conferences, establishing campaign working groups, and promoting collaboration and cooperation among member organizations.

Tibet (China) 

Universal Rights

A Conference for Tibetan Intellectuals, Educators, and Artists


To provide a safe space for Tibetans to assert their identity, discuss political and social issues, and build strong networks for their mutual protection. The organization will convene Tibetan intellectuals and artists from various backgrounds to discuss human rights, democracy, and rights guaranteed to minorities under Chinese law.

Tibet (China) 

Australia New Zealand Tibetan Youth

Promoting Human Rights and Supporting Former Political Prisoners


To monitor the human rights situation in Tibet and disseminate the information widely to an international audience. Leveraging the knowledge of former political prisoners educated in Tibet, the organization will publish articles that provide analysis of the CCP’s policies in Tibet. Topics will include policy trends in Tibet, the CCP’s strategies and long-term objectives, and commentary on political developments and the human rights landscape. The organization will also work with 15 Tibetan activists to equip them with a deeper understanding of the CCP and builds their capacity to devise advocacy initiatives.