Fostering Political Accountability in the Local Government

Gender Alliance Development Center


To foster political accountability and civic oversight of local government institutions. The group will cooperate with a network of partners to hold elected local officials accountable for their campaign promises. The nonpartisan network will monitor daily the work of municipal councils, publish a report analyzing the performance of selected municipalities, and hold a series of public forums to strengthen communications between elected officials and constituents. The network will also implement a broad outreach campaign to support the local accountability efforts.

Fostering the Accountability of Public Officials

Qendresa Qytetare


To foster government transparency and accountability, the organization will train young policy analysts and engage them in using proven methodology to conduct systematic monitoring of ministries involved in drafting and implementing youth-related policies. The group will produce monitoring reports and engage in advocacy efforts with state officials, legislators, experts, and civil society to promote recommendations that would enhance the transparency and accountability of the monitored institutions.

Fostering the Political Participation of Women and Youth

Women’s Network for Equality in Decision Making


To increase the political participation and representation of women and youth in local government. The organization will strengthen the leadership and governance skills of women councilors, foster representation of women in decision-making, encourage crossparty collaboration, and support a peer-mentoring network. Using a custom-made mobile application, the organization will encourage youth civic engagement ahead of 2021 parliamentary elections and educate the youth on voters’ rights and obligations.

Promoting Accountability of Elected Officials

Institute for Political Studies


To promote the transparency and accountability of elected officials. The organization will maintain a nonpartisan database of elected officials that have failed to pass the required vetting processes. Using this information, the think tank will produce monitoring reports and advocate for thorough investigations and the proper implementation of vetting procedures. The watchdog will also assist political parties from across the political spectrum to understand better party integrity and principles of good governance.

Promoting Accountability through Investigative Reporting

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Albania


To expand the reach and impact of investigative reporting on accountability and transparency issues. The media organization will produce in-depth investigations for its bilingual website and an accompanying monthly print publication, as well as provide mentorship for journalists in investigative reporting, data journalism, and visualization techniques. An expanded public database of judges’ and prosecutors’ assets and investigative articles and visualizations will examine how these officials have acquired their wealth and document any cases of misuse of power.

Promoting Anticorruption Mechanisms

Albanian Center for Quality Journalism


To expand the reach and impact of investigative reporting on accountability and transparency issues. The media organization will produce in-depth investigations based on whistleblower disclosures as well as provide mentorship for journalists in investigative reporting, whistleblower legal rights, and advanced IT techniques. An open-source submission system for media organizations will allow secure information sharing between whistleblowers and journalists on the misuse of power, corruption claims, and retaliation cases.

Promoting Freedom of Expression

Res Publica


To raise awareness about and protect the free speech rights of journalists and civil society activists. The organization will train journalists and civil society activists on their rights, produce a handbook on the laws and principles related to freedom of information, and maintain an online platform and a mobile application for easier processing of free legal aid requests. The organization will conduct strategic litigation cases and consultations with journalists and media outlets facing libel charges, and produce reports spotlighting gross violations of freedom of speech.

Promoting the Accountability of Public Officials



To promote government accountability through nonpartisan analyses of the veracity, consistency, and degree of implementation of elected officials’ statements and promises. The organization will monitor local government performance in 10 municipalities and promote the findings by publishing reports and multimedia content on its website and other partner platforms. In addition, it will train local journalists, political analysts, legal experts, and civic activists to apply its proven methodology to monitor and analyze officials’ performance.

Promoting Transparency in Public Spending

Albanian Institute of Science


To promote accountability and transparency in public spending. The group will maintain and expand a platform that enables the public monitoring of tenders and procurements awarded by local and central government institutions and the country’s emergency response institutions. The accessible, user-friendly website will provide visualizations of local government spending, and will enable an analysis of potentially unequal or non-competitive procurement processes, thereby promoting government accountability.