Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021

Forgotten Children of War

Advancing Transitional Justice and Historical Understanding
Public Summary: To promote a better understanding of the war crimes committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s. The organization will conduct legal analysis and draft amendments to the existing laws on civilian victims, propose alternative restorative justice mechanisms to the survivors of war-time gender-based violence, and conduct outreach efforts to promote its recommendations advancing social inclusion. The group will expand cooperation with likeminded initiatives worldwide and convene workshops to strengthen its own advocacy and management capacities.

Foundation for Creative Development

Promoting Civic Participation through Media
Public Summary: To promote the civil society-building activities and encourage broader civic engagement. The organization will produce new episodes of a popular television series that profiles local civil society organizations’ efforts to tackle problems in their respective communities, highlights discussions by civil society leaders on key issues, and provides current news about the country’s civic sector. Ahead of 2022 general elections, the series will encourage civic participation by highlighting civil society efforts to foster accountability. One of the country’s public broadcasters will air the series. The nonprofit video production and civic education group has been working in the field of democratization and peacebuilding for almost two decades, during which it has produced hundreds of television programs and advocacy videos.

Center for Critical Thinking

Promoting Public Debate and Accountability through Online Media
Public Summary: To promote democratic values and encourage public debate on government performance. The organization’s news portal will serve as an independent forum for open discussion for prominent journalists, commentators, and civic and political leaders. The organization will use its portal to inform and educate citizens about the duties of public officials and institutions by analyzing candidates’ campaign messages, monitoring their performance, and tracking disinformation and other malign influence in local online outlets. The organization’s team of award-winning journalists has uncompromising approach to sensitive issues of the recent armed conflict and has been employing vigilant scrutiny of public officials for almost a decade. Its highly influential portal provides critical and independent coverage of socio-political events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Youth Cultural Center Abrasevic

Fostering Civic Activism through Online Media
Public Summary: To raise awareness of local government performance and to foster citizen engagement in the decision-making process in Herzegovina, especially in Mostar. The organization will produce daily news, analytical articles, and interviews with local decision makers and civic leaders. Following the 2020 local elections, its multimedia portal will offer a nonpartisan public forum that promotes civic activism targeting communal challenges. The organization will work with local civic coalitions to facilitate dialogue with local authorities and to spotlight any abuse of power.

Ostra Nula

Promoting Youth Activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Public Summary: To foster civic engagement and strengthen youth civic activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The group will organize civic education workshops to increase the leadership skills of a diverse group of young activists, convene public events and civic actions highlighting the role of youth in democratization processes, and produce audio and video programs on civic engagement.

Post-Conflict Research Center

Engaging Youth in Historical Reconciliation
Public Summary: To engage youth in advancing historical reconciliation around the anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide through multimedia exhibitions, discussions, and a summer camp with modules on peacebuilding, transitional justice, media, and using the arts to foster constructive dialogue on sensitive topics. The organization will collaborate with domestic and international partners to curate exhibitions commemorating the Srebrenica Genocide and promote an oral history collection to preserve the memories of genocide victims and their families.


Fostering Public Debate through Online Media
Public Summary: To foster public debate on important political, social, and economic issues facing the country. The organization’s web platform will serve as an independent media outlet and forum for open discussion and political commentary by prominent journalists, experts, and civic and political leaders Additionally, the organization will engage investigative journalists to uncover and report on corruption. The portal will extensively report on the issues hindering democratization and on necessary reforms regarding the country’s EU integration ahead of the October 2022 general elections.

Association for Transitional Justice, Accountability and Remembrance

Advancing Transitional Justice and Historical Understanding
Public Summary: To promote a better understanding of war crimes committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s. The Sarajevo-based organization and its Banja Luka partner will continue to compile a record of wartime detention sites. The partners will conduct desk research and collect testimonials to identify and classify additional places of detention across the country. The organization will promote the project’s findings through its website and online events and contribute its research to a regional database of war crimes.

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fostering Objective Reporting of War Crimes Trials
Public Summary: To advance transitional justice and the rule of law. The group’s network of journalists will monitor trials in local war crimes chambers and produce daily coverage for an online magazine and a television program, offering breaking news and analysis on domestic war crimes cases, past human rights abuses, and the impact of these developments on local communities. The group will also monitor the implementation of the country’s new war crimes proceedings strategy.

Atlantic Initiative

Enhancing Protection Mechanisms against Hate Speech and Hate Crimes
Public Summary: To foster tolerance and pluralism by building judiciary capacity in adjudicating political, religious, and ethnic hate speech and hate crimes. The organization will cooperate with prosecutors and judges utilizing previously proven methodology, knowledge, and skills needed to recognize, prevent, and address hate crimes. It will enhance the capacities of public prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement to recognize, prosecute, and try related cases. The group will hold trainings on properly adjudicating these crimes and conduct public advocacy with relevant institutions.