Kosovo 2021

Association of Independent Broadcast Media of Kosovo (AMPEK)

Supporting Independent and Minority Media


To foster media freedom and diversity. The association will support the country’s independent and minority broadcasters through over 20 roundtables, trainings, and other meetings that will foster multiethnic communication and cooperation among media and journalists. The association will also promote and defend the rights and interests of its members by supporting media policies in line with international standards, as well as by monitoring and advocating for the implementation of reforms to the country’s media-related legal framework.


Universal Rights

Promoting Independent Journalism by Local Minority Media


To promote the accessibility of high quality, unbiased information on political and social developments in Kosovo, with a special focus on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, to all ethnic communities living in the two countries. The project will facilitate freedom of information and foster public debate through an independent media portal that provides high quality information on key political and social events and their implications for local communities, analytical and investigative reporting, interviews, and news.


Democracy Plus

Promoting Youth Participation in Public Institutions


To promote youth participation in strengthening democratic institutions. The organization will support the work of parliamentary committees through its unique parliamentary fellowship program, which pairs skilled young students with MPs to provide them with research support. The organization will publish monitoring and analytical reports of the committees’ work, and facilitate meetings between legislators and students to inspire greater youth involvement in political processes.


Democratic Governance

Promoting Transparent Political Party Financing


To promote the financial transparency and accountability of political parties in electoral processes. The think tank will advocate for the improved and full implementation of laws concerning party financing through activities that monitor relevant institutions and improve the transparency and accountability of political parties. The group will facilitate public meetings with state officials, legislators, experts and civil society to generate greater public interest and confidence in electoral reforms.


INC Independent News Center

Fostering Cross-Border Media Cooperation and Dialogue


To foster cross-border media cooperation and interethnic dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. Cooperating with media outlets from the two countries, and correspondents based in Brussels and The Hague, the network will produce and televise a news and discussion program bringing together prominent public figures to offer alternative perspectives on normalizing relations, transitional justice, and dealing with the recent past.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

Promoting Women and Youth in Kosovo Politics


To strengthen the inclusion of women and youth in parties’ internal decision-making processes and to improve the ability of parties to connect with women and youth voters, the Institute will hold a series of policy development and communication workshops for political parties. In addition, the Institute will train women and youth party members on political skills and work with party leaders to reform internal party structures to allow for improved inclusion of women and youth in internal decision-making processes. The Institute will update the Kosovo Election Results Portal with new results from upcoming municipal elections and conduct focus group research on perceptions of political party messaging and policies. This in-turn will provide data for workshops on policy and communications development to better connect with women and youth.


Democratic Norms, Ideas and Values

Promoting Open Debate and Democratic Values among Youth


To promote democratic values and debate among youth on important social, political and economic topics related to the country’s democratic transition. The organization will maintain and expand its popular online magazine. Building on its strong reputation for media production, the organization will continue to facilitate and promote participatory debate and inclusive dialogue by providing an offline space for critical thought, advocacy journalism, innovative informal education, and public debate.


New Perspektiva

Facilitating Debate on the Kosovo-Serbia Agreement


To facilitate broader public understanding and debate regarding the high-level dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, on which many media report ambiguously or incorrectly. The organization will produce and publish on its bilingual website in-depth information regarding the dialogue process and resulting agreements. It will provide objective information on, and analysis of, the negotiation’s implications for democracy in Kosovo and Serbia.


New Social Initiative

Strengthening Youth Civic Participation in the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue


To strengthen youth civic engagement on the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. The initiative will gather a multiethnic researcher cohort to carry out qualitative and quantitative study, formulate policy briefs and recommendations, and conduct extensive multimedia outreach. It will engage youth in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue simulation exercises and mentor participants in producing policy briefs predicting the dialogue’s outcome. The group will publish and distribute research studies to relevant institutions and officials engaged in the dialogue, produce multimedia promotional content, and hold a series of outreach events.


NGO Integra

Encouraging New Approaches to Promote Transitional Justice and Reconciliation


To foster dialogue and solidarity and promote reconciliation between youth in Serbia and Kosovo. The organization will bring together human rights defenders and socially engaged artists to increase mutual understanding between Serbia and Kosovo by tackling issues related to transitional justice, conflict resolution, and moral courage. The organization will stage and produce a play, tour the production in six cities, and commence discussions with the audience about issues of the recent past.


Open Data Kosovo

Using New Media to Promote Government Transparency


To promote institutional transparency and accountability. The organization will continue to develop and utilize an online platform to map the current state of institutional openness and accountability, and highlight areas for improvement for the country’s legislative and executive branches of government. The accessible, user-friendly platform uses visual representations and data analyses to promote accountability through investigative journalism. The project aims to incorporate greater citizen engagement within the existing platform.


Organizata per Rritjen e Cilesise ne Arsim

Promoting Youth Engagement in Accountability Efforts


To promote youth engagement in efforts to fight corruption and promote accountability in higher education. The organization will build the skills of 180 students from across the country to identify and spotlight corruption, as well as to advocate for increased accountability in higher education. The group will facilitate advocacy meetings between youth, university representatives, state officials, and legislators to generate greater public interest in and support for higher education reform.


Platforma Civikos

Fostering Civic Oversight of Local Government


To foster civic oversight of local government institutions. The organization will cooperate with a network of local partners to hold trainings and strengthen cooperation between local officials and citizens in six least open municipalities in Kosovo. The network will develop an online platform to map the institutional openness of the local government, publish a needs assessment report on the selected municipalities, and implement an outreach campaign to promote the role of the Ombudsman’s office.