Moldova 2021

A.O. Asociatia Reporteri de Investigatie si Securitate Editoriala din Moldova

Fostering Accountability through Investigative Journalism


To foster accountability through investigative reporting. The organization will expand its accountability online platform by adding detailed profiles of all elected district-level officials. It will also monitor the assets and business connections of several dozen high-ranking elected officials in the regions, produce multimedia investigations related to government corruption, and distribute them through its website and social media channels. The organization will also produce video teasers to promote its work.


A.O. People for Free Media

Producing and Disseminating Independent News and Information


To produce and disseminate independent news and information. The organization will produce a weekly live show with civil society experts on political and social developments and popular disinformation narratives in Moldova. It will broadcast the show on its TV channel, website, and through social media channels.


Asociatia Obsteasca Lautar

Increasing Youth Civic Participation


To increase youth voter turnout and promote youth civic engagement in Moldova. The group will organize nonpartisan events in regional centers to bring together young voters and foster public discussions ahead of the July 2021 snap parliamentary elections. Following the elections, the organization will produce and disseminate a music video encouraging active citizenship among youth.


Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance

Promoting Accountability and Transparency in Public Procurement


To promote accountability and transparency of government spending. The organization will monitor public procurement cases and scrutinize the enforcement of decisions made by the National Agency for Settling Complaints. It will also hold two roundtables with key stakeholders to contribute to reforming the legal framework of public procurement, file criminal cases, and expand its public procurement portal. The group will promote its activities through public events, a website, and media.


Business News Service SRL

Promoting Government Accountability


To promote government transparency and accountability. The organization will produce a series of comprehensive investigative and analytical pieces on the government’s misuse of public funds in procurement. It will also monitor the government’s actions aimed at addressing the economic crisis and scrutinize judiciary decisions related to the business sector. The organization will publish all stories on its portal and in social media.


Universal Rights

Fostering Civic Activism


To strengthen the skills of NGO activists and promote the development of civil society. The Czech organization will hold a small grant competition, select initiatives to support, and organize online trainings for activists.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

Linking Diaspora Advocates for Change


To create linkages among Moldovan diaspora actors, focus their knowledge and resources toward common challenges facing their communities and homeland, and facilitate more effective joint advocacy by diaspora actors outside of elections, the Institute will convene Regional Diaspora Workshops to provide motivated diaspora representatives with trainings, networking opportunities, and funding for joint advocacy initiatives. The Institute will also create and support a diaspora coordination network and work with the government of Moldova to highlight valuable partnerships with the diaspora through a Public Ambassadors program.


IREX Europe

Fostering the Sustainability of the Independent Media


To support the sustainability of independent media. In the third phase of the project, the France-based organization will provide managerial oversight and guidance to a recently established local organization in Chisinau that works to improve the sustainability of local media through a series of business-focused interventions in the media market, which is captured by special interests.


Media Alternativa

Broadcasting Independent News and Information


To develop and disseminate independent news and information. The organization will produce objective news concerning important national political developments in Moldova. It will disseminate its original content in Russian and Romanian language through primetime programming of its independent television station and short video segments. Programming will be available on the station’s website and social media channels.


Nord Media

Strengthening Independent Media


To strengthen independent reporting and promote government accountability in northern Moldova. The Balti-based media outlet will maintain and expand its independent news portal, a leading regional website in the Romanian language. It will publish daily news articles, video reports and in-depth investigations on key political developments, including the implementation of reforms, as well as corruption and Russian disinformation. The group will also strengthen its sustainability by securing training for its staff.


Oral History Institute of Moldova

Supporting Independent Russian Language Media in Moldova


To strengthen independent Russian language media and provide objective analysis of political events. The organization will produce a weekly Russian-language analytical talk show and broadcast it on a popular independent television channel and on social media. The program will feature analysis and interviews to challenge popular disinformation narratives. The organization will publish new content weekly.


People and Kilometers

Promoting Accountability through Investigative Reporting


To promote public demand for government accountability. The media organization will produce in-depth stories – accompanied by photographs – on social, political, and economic issues caused or exacerbated by government inefficiency, inaction, or misuse of resources. It will promote its work and raise awareness of the topics covered through three public events and on its website. It will also translate the materials into Russian and hold a strategy session to build the long-term capacity of the organization.



Strengthening Independent Media in Gagauzia


To increase independent and objective Russian-language news in Gagauzia. The organization will expand its news portal by producing and publishing articles, video reports, and analyses related to the economy, education sector, and the performance of local officials. It will increase public outreach by covering youth engagement and activism and providing a platform for young people to engage and mobilize at the local level in Gagauzia.


Primaria Mea

“Promoting Local Civic Engagement and Activism-2”


To promote civic engagement and activism in Chisinau. The organization will generate greater understanding on key issues faced by Chisinau residents, including ways to be engaged in local government, through articles and media content disseminated through popular websites and social media. The organization will also communicate citizen priorities to public officials and identify opportunities for increased public participation.


Universal Rights

Promoting Human Rights


To monitor and raise awareness about human rights violations. The human rights organization will monitor rights violations, produce reports on its findings, provide recommendations for government and EU institutions, and provide legal assistance to human rights abuse victims in Transnistria. It will promote its activities and disseminate its findings through press conferences, online and social media, as well as domestic and international events featuring CSOs and government representatives.


Rockit Academy

Strengthening New Media


To build resilience against disinformation in Moldova. The organization will design and launch an innovative news, civic education, and community mobilization website, which will host its news platform and promote civic campaigns and projects. In collaboration with social media thought leaders, online communities, and regional and local media, the media outlet will produce and distribute short videos and podcasts addressing pressing local problems, particularly in vulnerable Russian speaking populations of Gagauzia and Transnistria.


Supply-Demand Independent Newspaper

Supporting Independent Media in Northern Moldova


To increase access to objective news in northern Moldova. The Balti-based media outlet will expand its independent news portal, which is a leading Russian-language regional website. In addition to producing daily news items, articles, and video reports, the portal will monitor the transparency of elected officials and produce in-depth analysis of corruption cases and reforms.



Fostering the Adoption and Implementation of Key Reforms


To foster the adoption and implementation of key reforms. The think tank will monitor the new presidency’s reform strategies in key areas, including banking, finance, EU relations, judiciary and anti-corruption. It will identify experts, produce policy analyses and share them with the presidential administration. It will also continue to counter disinformation by producing accessible videos on the topic for the public.