Montenegro 2020

Fostering Public Debate on Accountability

Institute Alternative


To foster a culture of political accountability and promote policy dialogues amongst public officials. Drawing on its proven methodology, the organization will monitor the work of parliamentary committees and engage experts to identify opportunities for improving government accountability and advancing policy dialogues. The think tank will share the nonpartisan project’s findings in policy briefs and research papers, and publicize these through a multifaceted media outreach strategy.

Promoting Accountability through Online Media

Center for Investigative Journalism


To promote government transparency and political accountability around the 2020 parliamentary elections. The organization will produce and disseminate a series of investigative articles and a documentary examining how local politicians have acquired their wealth, as well as document any cases of misuse of political power – particularly those related to foreign-funded investments and infrastructure projects. The articles and documentary will be distributed free of charge for use by media outlets, relevant civil society groups, and government agencies.

Promoting Transparency and Accountability of Public Institutions

Network for the Affirmation of NGO Sector – MANS


To strengthen the oversight of public financing and promote the transparency and accountability of political parties and public institutions. The watchdog group will monitor public institutions and political parties’ finances, banking transactions, and procurement to map any misuse of public funding, identify illicit foreign influences, and spotlight strategies designed to produce financial gains and political influence ahead of elections. The organization will assist citizens reporting on misuse of public funds and conflicts of interest, and will implement a public awareness campaign to highlight project findings.