Serbia 2021

Association Kulturanova

Fostering Dialogue between Youth in Serbia and Kosovo


To foster dialogue and promote reconciliation between youth in Serbia and Kosovo. In partnership with three regional civil society groups, the organization will work to increase mutual understanding between youth in Serbia and Kosovo by capturing youth perspectives on recent history in both countries and sharing those perspectives through storytelling initiatives. The organization will conduct research on youth perceptions, train young activists in conducting oral history interviews, and advance transitional justice work through theater.


Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Serbia

Promoting Institutional Accountability


To promote government transparency and accountability through investigative reporting. In addition to updating its flagship website, the organization will develop a new database tracking the government’s management of the major infrastructure projects. It will use the information gathered to produce ten in-depth investigative pieces and corresponding multimedia visuals.


Center for Public History

Fostering Public Dialogue on Transitional Justice


To strengthen a culture of remembrance at the local level and foster public dialogue regarding the recent past. Transitional justice experts, historians, and photojournalists will guide participants from four local communities in field research to document sites of remembrance in Serbia related to the wars of the 1990s. The network will inform the public of its research through virtual tours, cataloguing a digital archive, and building an interactive map of war-related monuments as well as sites of conscientious and antiwar resistance in the country. The organization will also implement an educational workshop for researchers and practitioners on fostering a culture of remembrance and dealing with the past.


Crime and Corruption Reporting Network KRIK

Raising Awareness of State Corruption and Organized Crime


To raise awareness about potential for creating links between corruption and organized crime. The group will investigate new cases of corruption as well as monitor and produce follow-up articles on previously investigated or ongoing court cases. The project will trace assumed connections between corruption in public institutions and organized criminal activity, as well as partner with other media and watchdog organizations to promote a culture of accountability.


Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

Fostering a Culture of Remembrance and Accountability


To raise awareness of human rights abuses committed in the 1990s and advance public debate on dealing with the past. The group will organize a series of activities to foster a stronger culture of remembrance and accountability around the anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide. The organization will release a documentary film focusing on the role of hate-speech in fueling mass atrocities and collaborate with a renowned playwright to bring arts and peacebuilding workshops to youth in local communities.


Institute for Urban Politics

Promoting Transparency and Accountability of the Local Government


To promote local government transparency and accountability ahead of elections. The organization will research and monitor urban development investments from authoritarian countries, as well as legislation, policies, and practices enabling state capture. It will convene meetings and discussions to demand accountability and inform the public about illicit practices pertaining to urban development. Ahead of the local elections, it will conduct a multifaceted public outreach campaign to increase the impact of its activities.


National Coalition for Decentralization

Promoting Electoral Reform and Political Accountability


To promote electoral reform and greater public demand for the accountability of elected officials. Through a multifaceted campaign, the coalition will raise awareness of the need for changes to the country’s electoral system among citizens and decision-makers. The nonpartisan campaign will include debates with, and trainings for, civil society and political party leaders, videos and articles, and a countrywide outreach promoting political accountability ahead of the 2022 elections.


Novi Sad School of Journalism

Supporting Professional Media Reporting


To support professional media reporting. The media organization will monitor prominent print, online, and televised media outlets. The nonpartisan project’s related website will publish articles and analytical reports on false reporting and disinformation in the media to generate public discussion regarding media standards. The organization’s media team will also train emergent young journalists in fact-checking, media literacy, and ethical reporting.


Novinsko preduzece Vreme d.o.o. Beograd

Fostering Public Debate on Democracy Ahead of Elections


To foster public debate on the state of democracy and challenges ahead of 2022 elections. The organization will produce analytical articles and provide platform for open discussion ahead of the general elections. The content will spotlight challenges facing the country’s democratization process such as state and media capture, low election turnout, and lack of trust in public institutions. The outlet will organize four discussions across the country and publish summaries in its weekly editions while promoting content on social media.


Simplicity Ltd.

Promoting Independent Journalism in Southern Serbia


To promote independent reporting and foster greater interaction between citizens, their elected officials, and political party representatives in southern Serbia. The organization will continue to complement the news and investigative reports of its popular online portal with nonpartisan multimedia content, including a video interview program, live debates with local and national officials, and a database featuring the profiles of local political figures.


Slavko Curuvija Foundation

Promoting Professional Digital Journalism


To promote professional digital journalism and strengthen local media outlets. The foundation will organize a digital journalism school and internship for local journalists to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed for quality reporting and analysis. The program will feature an e-learning platform, in-person workshops, and mentorships. The foundation will utilize its web platform to report on emerging media trends. It will also award eight subgrants to local digital media to enhance their outreach and audience engagement.


Vojvodina Civic Center

Raising Awareness of Human Rights Abuses in Vojvodina


To raise awareness about human rights abuses committed in Vojvodina and advance public debate on dealing with the past. The organization will expand its multimedia projects that document and share stories of human rights abuses during the wars in the 1990s. It will build upon its arts and literature program to stimulate broader youth engagement in reconciliation initiatives, and will increase its outreach through public memorialization exhibits, workshops, and human rights events.


Zajecar Initiative

Supporting Youth Engagement in Eastern Serbia


To promote youth civic engagement in eastern Serbia. The organization will assist high school student parliaments and youth NGOs in advocating for youth issues. It will facilitate local youth advocacy campaigns and organize a civic education program for student parliaments. It will also award small grants to youth organizations in the Timok region that will assist young people from local municipalities in becoming more engaged in their communities and help them better understand democratic values and principles of good governance.