Azerbaijan 2021

Democratic Governance

Documenting Corrupt Tenders


To document instances of corruption in Azerbaijan. Research will be conducted to identify sources of corruption and misuse of public funds. Media products including articles, photo stories and videos will be created and distributed online. A final report will be created examining overall trends in misuse of public funds, and violations of the right to public information.


Democratic Norms, Ideas and Values

Engaging Young Scholars in Democracy Research


To improve the quality of political and economic discourse in Azerbaijan. A series of research and opinion pieces on topical issues will be produced, published, and disseminated on the organization’s website and social media sites. The project will also develop a community of independent academics and support respect for academic freedom.


Universal Rights

Promoting Accountability for Rights Abuses and Corruption in Azerbaijan


To defend property rights in Azerbaijan. Information on rights violations will be collected, and legal assistance will be provided to victims of rights abuses. Strategic litigation will be used to pursue legal remedy in the national courts and the European Court of Human Rights. The project will raise awareness of relevant national laws and rights violations committed by the state. It will also highlight how corruption among state officials exacerbates and directly results in human rights violations.


Democratic Governance

Documenting Corruption


To document instances of corruption in Azerbaijan. Research will be conducted to identify sources of corruption and misuse of public funds. Interviews will be conducted. Media products including articles and videos will be created. Discussions will be held. Awareness of the prevalence of corruption will be increased through concentrated domestic and international outreach.


Citizen Participation and Inclusion

Building Capacity for Local Engagement


To promote civic participation in Azerbaijan. Meetings will be held in eight regions. Representatives of local groups will attend capacity-building trainings and will implement small projects that address local issues. A report will be written and distributed, and a conference will be held. Awareness-raising videos will be made and posted online and to social media.


Universal Rights

Legal Aid in Azerbaijan


To increase awareness of citizens’ rights and promote local government accountability. The organization will open an office in the regions of Azerbaijan and provide legal services to local residents in need. The organization will make video documentation of local issues and post them to its website and social media pages.


Universal Rights

Human Rights Monitoring


To raise awareness about political prisoners and human rights abuses in Azerbaijan. A website will be created to disseminate regularly-updated news and information on these issues, including updated information about ongoing cases and new cases as they appear. Regular reports will be researched and will be shared with decisionmakers, particularly in European institutions and governments.


Citizen Participation and Inclusion

Addressing Local Problems


To increase citizen engagement on the local level in Azerbaijan. Information will be collected about common problems in regional cities, including lack of awareness of government obligations, corruption and problems of marginalized communities. A website will be maintained with news and information about local government, including journalistic reports on local problems and expert interviews.


Citizen Participation and Inclusion

Strengthening Civic Engagement and Community Participation


To enhance civic engagement in Azerbaijan, the organization proposes a program to support Azerbaijani civil society activists in developing the skills and networks to effectively implement community initiatives and navigate challenging political environments. The organization supports civil society organizations (CSOs) and activists in engaging strategically with citizens and expanding their networks through virtual training workshops, consultations, guided practice, and peer-to-peer exchanges.


Citizen Participation and Inclusion

Strengthening Civic Engagement and Community Participation


To support Azerbaijani civil society organizations’ (CSOs) and activists’ engagement with citizens and strengthen their local, regional, and international networks, the organization will carry out a series of training workshops and ongoing consultations as well as peer-to-peer exchanges and community building activities. CSOs and activists will be trained on topics such as community organizing and advocacy; citizen-driven issue identification and research; strategic communications and outreach; engagement with citizens and peers; and coalition-building. CSOs and activists will be supported in pursuing community initiatives.


Democratic Governance

Documenting Elite Corruption


To increase the availability of information on kleptocracy in Azerbaijan. Investigations will be conducted to reveal cases of public officials using their position for personal gain. The findings will be shared with a wide audience online in an engaging format. The failure of the government to operate in a transparent and accountable manner will be highlighted.


Universal Rights

Independent News Website


To support freedom of information in Azerbaijan. Regular news updates from throughout the country will be published, including reporting on political, economic, and social topics online, as well as featured articles from expert contributors on key issues. The readership will also be engaged on social media platforms with livestreamed content and multimedia materials.


Universal Rights

Support for Independent Media in Azerbaijan


To support freedom of information in Azerbaijan. News articles, analysis, and commentary will be created by a network of journalists for sharing on the organization’s website and on social media. The pieces will focus on stories not covered by government-controlled media, including economic issues, corruption, human rights violations, and social problems.