Emerging Women Leaders Program

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


In an effort to address the multiple barriers to political leadership faced by women in Kyrgyzstan, the institute seeks to shift the negative perceptions of women’s capabilities by equipping women with the skills, experience, and political connections to engage in and lead decision making processes and by encouraging male decision makers at the local levels to become allies and create space for a more inclusive politics in Kyrgyzstan

Increasing Capacity for Investigative Journalism

Innovation Laboratory


To increase the capacity of Kyrgyz journalists to conduct investigative journalism. The organization will train journalists in the basics of investigative methods, as well as how to use its online research tool, Declarator, which aggregates data from multiple government sources. The organization’s experienced journalists will conduct investigations into the undeclared property of high-ranking government officials and parliamentarians, which they will publish online.  

Local Political Communication and Campaigning

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To strengthen the political communications capacity in Kyrgyzstan, the Institute will seek to work with political actors—political parties and politically active civil society groups—in Kyrgyzstan’s urban areas. By targeting these areas, the Institute will maximize impact with the country’s more issue-centered constituencies and active civil society groups, demonstrating improved political communications in a changing policy and media environment.

Promoting Access to Independent News

Freedom of Information


To promote access to objective, accurate, and timely information about current events in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will maintain and develop an independent television news service and talk show, which will provide news and analyses about current political, economic, and social developments in the Kyrgyz Republic. Programming will be broadcast nationally.  

Promoting Access to Information



To promote access to professional and objective media content in Kyrgyz. The organization will expand its multimedia capabilities in order to provide the Kyrgyz speaking population with access to innovative media content. The organization will organize weekly video discussions of pressing socio-political issues. They will also organize at least eight video debates between representatives of political parties and conduct weekly livestreams of current events. They will also create and populate a new Kyrgyz language fact-checking rubric on their site. 

Promoting Citizen Engagement in Local Self Government

Batken Branch of the Public Foundation “For Tolerance International”


To foster citizens’ effective participation in local level decision-making processes by increasing the transparency and accountability of local self-governance bodies. The organization will conduct trainings for local self-governance bodies, develop new online tools for engaging citizens with their local representatives, and organize a series of meetings and events aimed at strengthening the interaction between residents and their local self-government representatives to resolve local issues.   

Promoting Civic Engagement

Democratic Ideas and Values


To promote public discussion of key issues regarding democratic governance and civic engagement. The organization will develop three online video debate programs discussing key issues facing Kyrgyz society, which it will distribute through social media. It will also create a series of short videos for social media discussing current political and social issues. Finally, the organization will recruit experts to train 30 activists from Bishkek and the regions who have recently become civically engaged. 

Promoting Civil Society

Human Rights


To foster the development of young human rights activists in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will hold trainings and lectures on human rights in its educational center in Bishkek. It will conduct an advanced training for promising young human rights defenders in Issyk Kul. It will consult and provide legal aid to initiative groups in the regions. Finally, the organization will send communications and appeals to the United Nations and other international bodies on human rights violations in the Kyrgyz

Promoting Democratic Values

Public Union “Peaceful Initiatives”


To promote democratic ideas and values among youth in southern areas of the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will organize three debate schools and conduct a series of debate tournaments. They will also organize two trainings for local youth to improve their media literacy and conflict analysis skills. Finally, the organization will produce eight televised debate programs, organize a speaker series modeled on the Ted Talk format, and provide small stipends for the realization of peacebuilding initiatives. 

Promoting Free and Fair Elections

Silba – initiative for dialogue and democracy


To promote free and fair elections in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will pair international election observers with Kyrgyz journalists to report on the 2020 parliamentary elections in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will collaborate with a well-known and experienced media partner to provide live coverage from the majority of the polling stations in the country. The media partner will develop a Telegram bot to facilitate real-time election reporting and observation.  

Promoting Freedom of Assembly

Public Foundation “Kylym Shamy”


To promote freedom of assembly in the Kyrgyz Republic. The project will include monitoring of freedom of assembly in all seven regions of the country; providing legal aid for individuals whose freedom to assembly rights have been violated; conducting training seminars for legal professionals; and, when necessary, advocating for reforms.

Promoting Human Rights Among Youth

Association Smart Zharan


To promote the development of a new generation of young human rights defenders. The organization will conduct a training for young civic activists, covering practical and theoretical concerns related to defense of rights, followed by a course on public policy, research, analysis, and report-writing and a workshop on how to use new media in advocacy. The organization will provide four mini-stipends for the strongest research proposals from among participants, pairing each winner with a dedicated mentor.

Promoting Human Rights Legal Activism

Partner Group “Precedent”


To facilitate the development of a new generation of human rights lawyers in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will train twenty promising young lawyers as they take on cases that protect the human rights and freedoms of Kyrgyz citizens. The organization will select the most promising recent graduates of Kyrgyz law schools to participate as interns in the program. The interns will address important public policy issues and provide free legal assistance in cases when citizens’ rights have been violated.

Promoting Independent Media

Kloop Media, z.s.


To promote quality investigative journalism in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will will train young journalists, develop existing journalists into competent investigative reporters, publish daily news, and conduct investigations into high-level corruption, abuses in the state procurement system, and other topics. The organization will continue to invest in its online crowdsourcing platform, which supports its corruption investigations.

Promoting Independent Media

The Tairzhan Tursunaliev Yntymak Media School


To promote the development of independent media in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will maintain an independent online news portal that will regularly publish news content, investigative reports, and multimedia products such as infographics and videos. The organization will also produce a series of election themed videos and televised debates in order to increase voters’ access to information around the election period. Finally, the organization will also launch a weekly news program, and establish a training center for student journalists.

Promoting Independent Online Media

Public Foundation “Media Space”


To provide an independent source of national news and analysis to Russian and Kyrgyz language audiences. The organization will develop and operate an online media production studio for upcoming democratically minded content producers. The production studio will launch new Russian and Kyrgyz language channels on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The new channels will cover current events, provide analysis, and promote civic engagement.  

Promoting Public Discussion and Political Discourse

Public Association “Center for Political and Legal Studies”


To advance policy debate in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will hold a series of events such as roundtables, lectures, and expert-led discussions, with the aim of providing a platform for expert analysis on salient topics. In addition, the organization will produce and publish analytical news stories and reports, which will be widely distributed online. Finally, they will produce three in-depth policy papers per year that will put forward concrete recommendations for policy-makers and relevant government officials.  

Promoting Quality Debate

Public Fund “Our Contribution”


To promote media pluralism in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will continue to produce Maidan, a weekly political debate program. The moderated debate program, in Kyrgyz and Russian, will feature members of parliament, party leaders, government officials, civil society representatives, activists, academic and professional experts, journalists, and others as appropriate. Panelists will discuss and debate politically sensitive current events.  

Promoting Rule of Law

Golos Svobody


To promote the rule of law and the development of fair and transparent legal processes. The organization will initiate court cases with strategic litigation potential and, upon exhausting domestic remedies, will submit cases to international bodies such as the UN Committee for Human Rights. The organization will coordinate the cases, work with partner organizations, assist victims of abuses, and advocate for legal and judicial reforms.

Promoting the Rule of Law

Legal Clinic Adilet


To promote the rule of law and defend the civil and political rights of citizens in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will analyze draft legislation and other normative acts for adherence to domestic and international civil and political rights standards; publish materials in print and online; and provide targeted legal aid to civic and political activists and journalists whose rights have been violated. 

Promoting the Rule of Law

Rule of Law


To promote the rule of law in the Kyrgyz Republic. Research and analysis will be conducted, and the results will be publicized and utilized for public outreach activities, as well as disseminated among media outlets and through social media platforms. Technical assistance will also be provided, and further coalition building efforts will be carried out. 

Promoting Youth Political Participation

Public Foundation “Legal Prosperity”


To promote youth participation in political and government decision-making processes in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will organize monthly discussion clubs for youth, conduct seasonal schools of youth policy, and operate a summer school to increase youth understanding of and participation in political processes. They will also conduct an information campaign, and organize two forums during the course of the project.

Protecting Freedom of Speech

Media Policy Institute


To protect freedom of speech and journalists’ right in Kyrgyzstan. The organization will conduct monitoring and publish quarterly reports on violations of the right to free speech online and access to information in the Kyrgyz Republic; hold quarterly online meetings for journalists to discuss trends in media freedom; conduct strategic litigation domestically on key cases; and train lawyers on international advocacy, in particular on preparing complaints for the UN Committee on Human Rights. 

Remembering Soviet-era Repression

Center Polis Asia


To promote public understanding of the country’s Soviet period. The organization will conduct original and archival research in order to document the history of Soviet-era repression. They will produce a series of articles, publish a book, and organize an essay contest. They will also train ten researchers and support their realization of small research initiatives in the area of historical memory. 

Strengthening Access to Justice

Institute of Public Analysis


To strengthen the demand for the rule of law. The organization will monitor courts and pre-trial investigative proceedings throughout the country. Monitoring will assess the degree to which the country’s new legislation has achieved its goal in strengthening the transparency and efficacy of the country’s justice system. Based on their findings, the organization will promote broad discussion of legislative areas for improvement and put forward recommendations for harmonizing and strengthening legislation.   

Strengthening Election Integrity

Media Development Center


To strengthen the integrity of parliamentary elections in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will conduct social media monitoring of the activities of political party representatives and opinion leaders, as well as seek to expose troll accounts and false information. Following an initial training on social media monitoring, the organization will produce periodic reports of its monitoring findings, and one final report. The organization will disseminate its findings and recommendations at a final roundtable.

Strengthening Voters’ Access to Parliament

Civic Education


To strengthen voters’ access to parliament. The organization will establish a free consultation center to provide practical and legal advice to citizens seeking to meet with members of parliament in order to strengthen the effectiveness of their engagement. The organization will also assess existing mechanisms for citizens to communicate with their representatives online, and make recommendations to parliamentarians for further popularizing their use. Finally, a YouTube channel will be created, which will feature informational videos on the role and powers of parliament.

Strengthening Women’s Political Participation

Progressive Public Organization of Women “Mutakallim”


To enhance the civic and political participation of religious women in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will train women from traditional Islamic communities in the southern part of the Kyrgyz Republic to serve as peer leaders promoting women’s participation in political and social life. The project will produce videos for social media discussing women’s rights in an Islamic context and will host a public events to strengthen the role of women as lay leaders in elected Islamic bodies.

Supporting Anticorruption Video Investigations

New Media Public Fund


To promote the production of anticorruption investigations in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization will produce at least 12 in-depth 30-minute videos and at least 24 10-minute mini-investigation videos. The investigations will focus on topics related to corruption in the country and how it hinders good governance and democratization reforms. The organization will publish its investigations on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media networks.