Promoting Access to Information

Freedom of Information


To promote access to objective, accurate, and timely Uzbek-language information about political, social, and economic developments in Central Asia. The organization will maintain an Uzbek-language website where it will regularly publish articles and analysis from Uzbekistani and international scholars, analysts, and professionals. The website will aim to provide credible information in the Uzbek-language, reducing reliance on Russian-language sources.

Promoting Human Rights

Human Rights


To provide free legal services to vulnerable segments of the population. Legal aid in civil, administrative, and criminal cases will be provided to vulnerable populations, including women and children. Human rights will be monitored. The organization will also analyze new reforms including proposed legislation to assess its compliance with international standards.   

Promoting Human Rights

Human Rights


To raise domestic and international awareness of forced labor practices in the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan. The organization will monitor and document labor rights abuses, including forced and child labor; publish analytical reports; publicize its findings; and work with Uzbek human rights defenders to raise their capacity for activism. 

Promoting Public Discussion

Democratic Ideas and Values


To promote public discussion and organize events on relevant topics. The organization will operate a public space that will host a series of events, including film showings, art exhibits, lectures, and discussions. All events will be available online and will feature local activists and artists.  

Promoting the Defense of Human Rights

Human Rights


To strengthen the capacity of human rights and civic activists. The organization will conduct training seminars for young activists on basic human rights activism and human rights protection mechanisms. The organization will provide mentorship for participants,and support small advocacy initiatives. The organization will conduct strategic litigation, engage state bodies on legal reform, and conduct a public information campaign on human rights.