Uzbekistan 2021

Universal Rights

Strengthening Independent Activists and Journalists


To increase the capacity of young civil society activists in Uzbekistan, and to conduct advocacy on the human rights situation in the country. As part of the program, the organization will organize networking exchanges, provide mentorship opportunities, and provide core support to promising young journalists and activists. They will also conduct ongoing advocacy with Uzbek, European, and international bodies.


University of Ulster

Investigating How Transnational Corruption Impacts Human Rights in Uzbekistan


To identify transnational kleptocratic activity prevalent among major urbanization or land reform projects in Uzbekistan. The organization will monitor major urban and rural land confiscations and forced evictions, document human rights violations, research government involvement in these schemes, and the identify politically exposed persons who benefit from them. It will work with civil society to conduct the monitoring and research, as well as to advocate to international institutions to address human rights concerns and eliminate the transnational kleptocratic enabling environment.


Universal Rights

Defending Property Rights in Uzbekistan


To defend the property and housing rights of urban residents and rural agricultural tenants in Uzbekistan. The organization will confront two distinct but interrelated human rights abuses resulting from the government’s plans for economic reform and infrastructure development: home demolitions caused by urban renewal initiatives and evictions of tenant farmers caused by privatization of agricultural land. The project will monitor and document abuses and provide legal aid to citizens facing violations.