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SEPT 22, 2014

Omar G. Encarnacion explains "Why Democracy Matters for Gay Rights" on the Freedom House blog, based on his recent Journal of Democracy article. ::MORE

sept 17, 2014

A new issue of Worth Reading features four academic papers on combatting corruption in Uruguay, Costa Rica, South Korea, and other "high-acheiving" countries. The papers were presented together on a Comparative Democratization section panel at the American Political Science Association 2014 Annual Meeting. ::MORE

SEPT 10, 2014

Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow Marino Cordoba was profiled by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for his work defending the rights of Afrocolombians who have been displaced by violence. To learn more, attend his public presentation at NED on September 23. ::MORE

SEPT 5, 2014

During the American Political Science Association annual meeting, the Comparative Democratization section recognized several of its members for their research acheivements. Learn who received awards for the Best Book, Best Article, Best Fieldwork, Best Paper, and the Juan Linz Dissertation prize for democratization research. ::MORE

Sept 4, 2014

Scholars, journalists, and democracy activists who are interested in applying for a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship at the International Forum can find tips on how to submit an application on CIMA's The Source blog. ::MORE

Aug 26, 2014

The Comparative Democratization section organized 24 panels at the American Political Science Association annual meeting in Washington, DC. ::MORE

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