APSA-CD Newsletter: “Reconceptualizing Authoritarianism”

“[With] challengers to democracy gaining ground in a diverse range of countries such as Thailand, Russia, Hungary, Mali, and Venezuela, the study of democracy and democratization is as important as ever,” note the editors of the APSA-CD June 2015 issue. The June edition features seven articles written by members of the APSA-Comparative Democratization section in a symposium on “Reconceptualizing Authoritarianism.”



  • Introducing the Symposium and a Research Note by Marlies Glasius (University of Amsterdam)
  • Authoritarianism and the Problem of Democratic Distinction by Lisa Wedeen (University of Chicago)
  • Authoritarianism and Democracy: Beyond Regime Types by David Beetham (University of Leeds)
  • Authoritarianism and Globalization in Historical Perspective by Pedro Ramos Pinto (University of Cambridge)
  • Authoritarianism: Learning from Subnational Enclaves by Kelly M. McMann (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Like Oil and Water? Authoritarianism and Accountability by Andreas Schedler (Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas, Mexico)
  • Authoritarianism, Democracy, and Repression by Todd Landman (University of Essex)

About APSA-CD Newsletter

APSA-CD Newsletter is produced three times per year and features 3-5 original articles on democratization, as well as bibliographic information on new research from leading political scientists and academic journals.

The International Forum for Democratic Studies serves as the Secretariat for the APSA-Comparative Democratization section, and each issue of APSA-CD is jointly produced by the Forum and the Varieties of Democracy Institute (V-Dem) at the University of Gothenburg.