October 12, 2020

Journal of Democracy October 2020 Issue

The Journal of Democracy's October 2020 issue features a lead set of articles assessing the covid-19 pandemic's political impact across three key emerging democracies.


October 09, 2020

Walker, Albright on the Future of Democracy in a Post-Covid World at GLOBSEC...

On October 8, vice president for studies and analysis at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Christopher Walker spoke about the “Future of Democracy in a Post-Covid World”...


October 02, 2020

International Forum for Democratic Studies September 2020 Newsletter

The September 2020 edition of the Forum newsletter features highlights recent research and publications on artificial intelligence-related technologies, disruptions to the global media space, and more.


August 24, 2020

Forum Q&A: Kelly Born on the Evolving Field of Disinformation Research

Dean Jackson of the International Forum for Democratic Studies spoke with Kelly Born about how the field of disinformation research has grown and where it should go from here.