July 19, 2021

Journal of Democracy July 2021: Latin America Erupts, China at the UN,...

The Journal of Democracy's July 2021 issues features a set of essays exploring Latin America's political upheaval, a collection of reactions to "middleware" as a solution for reducing social media platforms’...


April 16, 2021

Journal of Democracy April 2021 Issue

In this issue of the Journal of Democracy, expert contributors consider what shifting world values mean for the future of democracy, how enduring China's dictatorship will be, and the mixed legacies of the...


October 12, 2020

Journal of Democracy October 2020 Issue

The Journal of Democracy's October 2020 issue features a lead set of articles assessing the covid-19 pandemic's political impact across three key emerging democracies.


July 20, 2020

Journal of Democracy July 2020 Issue

In the Journal of Democracy's July issue, contributors survey the pressing challenges that, from Latin America to East Asia, are shaping the balance between democracy and authoritarianism today.