October 19, 2022

New Issue of the Journal of Democracy: October 2022

The Journal of Democracy's October issue features essays by Michael Ignatieff, Timothy J. Colton, and Roger B. Myerson, a debate among key experts on democratic backsliding, and more.


July 20, 2022

Journal of Democracy July 2022

The Journal of Democracy's July issue features essays on Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, elections in Hungary and the Philippines, combatting Beijing's sharp power, and more.


April 28, 2022

Journal of Democracy April 2022: What Putin Fears Most, The Rise of Subversion...

The Journal of Democracy's April 2022 issue features essays on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, how international surveillance startups are using high-tech tools to threaten democracy, "autocratic genderwashing,"...


February 23, 2022

Journal of Democracy January 2022: Democracy’s Clear and Present...

The Journal of Democracy's January 2022 issue features an exchange on the future of democracy, a collection of essays on the coup in Tunisia, and more.