Erica Hanichak

Government Affairs Director, the Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) Coalition

Erica Hanichak is the government affairs director at the Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) Coalition, where she leads the group’s advocacy strategy to strengthen U.S. and international anti-money laundering safeguards. At FACT, she successfully worked with a wide-reaching coalition of national security experts, anti-corruption campaigners, and law enforcement to secure the passage of the bipartisan Corporate Transparency Act, one of the most significant updates to U.S. anti-money laundering policy in twenty years. She continues to focus her advocacy efforts on implementing these changes and resourcing U.S. agencies to block criminal, corrupt, and kleptocratic money from moving through U.S. shell entities, real estate, and private investment. Before joining FACT, Erica spent six years working with U.S.-based nonprofits dedicated to transparent governance, human rights accountability, and rule of law in the Middle East. As government relations director of Americans for a Free Syria, she successfully lobbied for the passage of bipartisan sanctions legislation to block the financing of human rights abuses and mass atrocities. She likewise campaigned to augment counterterror financing programs and prevent the diversion and abuse of U.S. humanitarian aid. She graduated from Georgetown University with a BSFS in International Politics and a certificate in Eurasian, Russian, and Central European Studies.