Human Rights

The organizations currently presented in this section were chosen for their mission of fostering positive, democratic change around the world.

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Civil rights
Gay rights
Freedom of religion
Human rights
Human rights—Political aspects
Minorities—Civil rights 
Political persecution
Political rights
Political violence—Religious aspects
Religious tolerance
State-sponsored terrorism
Women’s rights

Open Access Journals

Essex Human Rights Review
EHRR is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, academic journal which aims to address contemporary human rights issues.

Harvard Human Rights Journal

HRJ publishes a range of original scholarly works covering a wide spectrum of international and domestic human rights issues of contemporary relevance.

Human Rights and Human Welfare
Online literature review of human rights related publications.

Northwestern University Journal of International Human Rights
The JIHR is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to providing a dynamic forum for the discussion of human rights issues and international human rights law.

Sur – International Journal on Human Rights
Sur – International Journal on Human Rights is a biannual journal published in English, Portuguese and Spanish by Sur – Human Rights University Network.


American Society of International Law (ASIL) Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law
The guide is a project of the American Society of International Law (ASIL) and includes guides to International Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
Human rights library housing more than 60,000 core human rights documents including documents nine languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

United Nations Research Guides on Human Rights

Collection of research guides on human rights and human rights databases compiled by the UN Library Geneva.

Organizations, Institutions and Networks

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science and Human Rights Program
Mobilizing effective assistance to protect the human rights of scientists around the world remains central to its mission, as well as making the tools and knowledge of science available to benefit the field of human rights.

Amnesty International
Amnesty International is a global campaigning movement working to protect human rights as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international conventions.

Article 19
Article 19 is an organization designed “to combat censorship by promoting freedom of expression and access to official information.”

Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
The Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to research and education in the field of ethics and international affairs.

Carter Center
The Carter Center develops and implements programs around the world to prevent or resolve conflicts, strengthen human rights, and foster democracy and improve health.

Derechos Human Rights
Derechos is a human rights organization that works with human rights organizations in Latin America

Digital Freedom Network
The Digital Freedom Network (DFN) develops and promotes the use of Internet technology for human rights activism around the world.

Electronic Information System for International Law
The goal of EISIL is to ensure that web searchers can easily locate the highest quality primary materials, authoritative web sites and helpful research guides to international law on the Internet. EISIL was developed by the American Society of International Law (ASIL).

Human Rights Education Associates (HREA)
HREA is a non-political organization whose primary role is to support efforts aimed at introducing human rights concepts and values into educational curricula and teaching practices around the world.

Human Rights Internet (HRI)
HRI is an information clearinghouse promoting education on human rights, publishing, and researching to serve the information needs of a wide variety of groups and individuals working to advance human rights around the world.

Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch strives to protect the human rights of people around the world in aspects ranging from working to uphold political freedom, to protecting people from inhumane conduct in wartime.

Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos
Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIHR)
The IIHR is an autonomous, international, academic institution based in Costa Rica with the mission to promote and strengthen respect for human rights and to support the consolidation of democracy throughout the western hemisphere.

International Federation for Human Rights Leagues
Fédération Internationale des Droits de l’Homme (FIDH)
The FIDH brings together 115 human rights organisations from 90 countries. It provides them with an unparalleled network of expertise and solidarity, as well as a clear guide to the procedures of international organisations.

Open Society Archives
OSA’s mission is to: obtain, preserve and make available research resources for the study of Communism and the Cold War, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the issues of human rights; support the goals of Central European University by identifying, collecting, preserving and making available university records and personal papers of enduring value from its administrators, faculty, and students for the use of university staff, students, scholars and the general public; support and facilitate the philanthropic goals of the Soros foundations network, especially by providing information, records management and archival services for all its entities.

U.S. Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor
Part of the U.S. State Department, the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Affairs (DRL) has a wide range of responsibilities that include promoting democracy worldwide, formulating U.S. human rights policies, and coordinating policy in human rights-related labor issues.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
The mission of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is to ensure the universal enjoyment of all human rights through practical application of the intentions voiced by the world through the United Nations.

Witness strengthens local activists by giving them video cameras and field training. Today, Witness unleashes an arsenal of computers, imaging and editing software, satellite phones and email in the struggle for justice.