Citing Information

Avoiding Plagiarism

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Differences between quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing

Citing Source Material

All of the books, articles, websites, and other information sources used in your research must be cited. A citation is used to give credit to the author of your source and to let readers know where they can find the information used in your research.

Some citation guidelines:
APA Style      Chicago Style     MLA Style 
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Compare the APA, Chicago, and MLA styles side-by-side with this PDF chart:

Need more help? Try these citation tutorials:
APA Style Basics
Academic Citation Resource Guide
Tutorial de autoformación sobre Citas en Trabajos y Artículos con Referencias
Citer ses sources et éviter le plagiat

Respecting Copyright

Copyright Basics

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Watch this 6 minute video created by the Copyright Clearance Center

To read more about the importance of copyright in the workplace, visit A Practical Guide to Copyright Compliance for Business Professionals.

Fair Use

What is Fair Use?

If you’re unsure whether “fair use” applies to a situation, try using the Fair Use Evaluator created by Michael Brewer & ALA Office for Information Technology Policy.

Open Access / The Commons

What is CC?

What is the difference between Creative Commons and copyright? The short answer is: Some rights reserved vs. All rights reserved.

For more information watch the video Get Creative provided by Creative Commons.