Burkina Faso 2020

Increasing Youth Resilience to Extremist Ideas through Media Education

Burkina 24


To empower youth to disregard jihadist propaganda and engage them in constructive behavior. The organization will enhance youth awareness on online recruitment tactics used by extremists and will conduct talk shows to provide youth with information about violent groups. In addition, the grantee will host radio debates focused on alternative discourse to the extremist content online. The organization will broadcast interviews to discuss government strategies to address citizens’ frustrations and insecurity and will report on positive initiatives to foster peaceful cohabitation.

Promoting Human Security and Access to Justice

Centre pour la Qualite du Droit et la Justice


To support the protection of human rights and promote access to justice. The grantee will strengthen civil society leaders and journalists’ capacity to monitor and document security forces’ abuses. The organization will also equip lawyers and human rights defenders with skills to assist victims of human rights violations. The grantee will produce a policy brief reflecting lessons learned and best practices of monitoring of the security sector and will share it with various stakeholders including government officials, security forces, media, and civil society.

Promoting Responsible Participation of Youth in the Elections

Association Burkinabe pour la Survie de l’Enfance


To encourage youth to run for office and increase their representation in elective positions. The organization will conduct capacity-building trainings to reinforce the political competencies of prominent youth community leaders and political aspirants to run effective electoral campaign. The organization will host regional debates on the electoral processes and encourage them to channel their leadership capabilities into politics and trust the integrity of the process. Additionally, the grantee will conduct radio-based campaigns to raise youth awareness on electoral tolerance, social cohesion, youth duties and rights.

Promoting the Respect of Human Rights in Addressing Violent Extremism

Groupe de Recherche-Action sur la Securite Humaine


To advance the respect and protection of human rights in the fight against violent extremism. The organization will train security forces on the respect of human rights. The organization will also reinforce lawyers’ capacity to assist victims of abuses by security forces. The grantee will also conduct advocacy meetings with officials to discuss recommendations aimed at anchoring counterterrorism interventions in the respect of human rights. The organization will finally host a litigation day to provide legal advice to victims of security forces abuses.

Promoting Women’s Participation in the 2020 Elections

Association Burkinabe d’Action Communautaire


To promote women’s political participation in the 2020 elections and advocate for the implementation of the gender quota law. The organization will conduct gender inclusion training for community leaders to promote women’s inclusion. The organization will also host political party debates on barriers to women’s engagement in politics. In addition, the grantee will conduct conflict mediation and leadership training to enable women to more fully participate in community discussions and will design advocacy plans to encourage implementation of the quota law in the 2020 elections.

Promoting Women’s Active Participation in Elections as Candidates

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To increase meaningful women’s participation in Burkina Faso’s 2020 and 2021 polls as candidates, the Institute will train women candidates and work with male political party leaders to create a more inclusive environment for women within political parties. Local women’s organizations will monitor the implementation of the gender quota law and inform the public about how political parties respect, and the government enforces, the quota law to create public support for increased women’s participation.

Strengthening Youth Civic Education and Participation in Peaceful Elections

Association Beog Neere


To promote inclusive and peaceful electoral processes for better democratic governance in Burkina Faso. The organization will reinforce the capacity of young leaders from the East, Cascades, Boucle du Mouhoun, Center-North, Sahel and North regions. By providing campaigning skills to young leaders in regions most affected by violence, the grantee will improve youth participation in the 2020 and 2021 elections and limit electoral violence. In addition, the organization will conduct an awareness campaign on electoral disputes to strengthen social cohesion.

Tackling Fake News and Promoting Fact Checking Ahead of the Elections

Convention des Organisations de la société civile pour l’observation domestique des élections


To promote peaceful elections through awareness raising on fake news,. The organization will survey citizens’ sources of information and assess their awareness about fake news. The grantee will further host trainings on fact checking to sensitize on the risks of disseminating false information during the electoral period and boost various stakeholders’ capacity to counter fake news. In addition, the grantee will host conferences on the danger of deceptive information during election season and will report on good practices in countering fake news.