Burkina Faso 2021

Groupe de Recherche-Action sur la Securite Humaine

Promoting Human Rights in Conflict


To advance respect for and protection of human rights in the fight against violent extremism. The organization will reinforce lawyers’ capacity to assist victims of security force abuse and equip civil society with skills to oversee the governance of the security sector. It will also train security forces on human rights norms. The grantee will engage with government officials and propose policy recommendations aimed at advancing the rights of citizens during military interventions.


Centre pour la Qualité du Droit et la Justice

Promoting Human Security and Access to Justice


To support the protection of human rights and promote access to justice. The grantee will strengthen civil society leaders and journalists’ capacity to monitor and document security forces’ abuses. It will equip lawyers and human rights defenders with skills to assist victims of human rights violations. The organization will also support local civil society’s community engagement efforts aimed at encouraging the reporting of abuses. Furthermore, the grantee will edit and distribute a toolkit on citizen oversight mechanisms for the security sector.