Burundi 2020

Engaging Newly Elected Officials to Promote Democracy and Good Governance

Accountability and Governance


To engage the newly elected government in promoting democracy, stability, and good governance. The organization will hold a large National Workshop on the governance challenges facing the new political leadership. The grantee will host a series of town hall events to connect citizens and their newly elected officials. Finally, the organization will collect data on poverty and governance issues, receive input from experts on these topics, and lobby government officials to adopt policies addressing them.

Monitoring and Raising Awareness of Human Rights Violations



To raise awareness of the human rights situation in Burundi. The grantee will expand its network of human rights monitors to 24 observers operating in every province of Burundi. The monitors will write and share a series of reports with local, national, and international partners. It will also lead an international advocacy mission and collaborate with international institutions to address current issues in Burundi. Finally, it will report incidents of forced disappearances to a UN agency.

Preventing Torture and Promoting Due Process Rights

Burundi Bridges to Justice


To provide legal assistance to detainees, prevent the use of torture as an investigative tool, and influence policy makers to enforce due process rights. The grantee will provide legal aid to detainees and inform them of their rights. They will conduct monitoring visits to police holding cells. The organization will also provide training for defense lawyers and advocate for government officials to respect due process rights.

Promoting Grassroots Women’s Political Participation

Youth Coalition Against Gender-based Violence – YCAV SEMERERA


To provide women the tools to effectively participate in the local decision-making process and to engage Burundians on the promotion of women’s rights. The organization will produce and broadcast weekly radio programs on various topics promoting women’s rights. The grantee will form 16 listeners’ clubs to debate and discuss the themes presented in the programs. Finally, the organization will provide these clubs capacity-building trainings on advocacy techniques and community mobilization.

Promoting Human Rights and Supporting Human Rights Defenders in Exile

Action des Chretiens pour l’Abolition de la Torture- Burundi


To promote human rights in Burundi and support human rights defenders in exile. The grantee will monitor and release monthly reports on human rights violations. The organization will also engage refugee communities, provide support to civil society representatives in exile, and promote media coverage of the human rights situation. Finally, the grantee will complete advocacy missions to raise international awareness to the human rights situation in Burundi.

Promoting Social Cohesion and Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts

Solidarite pour la Promotion des Droits Humains


To promote social cohesion and mechanisms for the peaceful resolution of conflicts during the electoral period. The grantee will study and adapt conflict prevention and resolution methods to the Burundian context and train women and youth representatives on promoting them. The organization will host a roundtable with CSO representatives and government officials on the right of citizens to demonstrate peacefully. Finally, the grantee will host community roundtables on social cohesion and establish a community early warning system to identify rising tensions.

Promoting Social Cohesion and Preventing Youth Violence

Association Bonne Semence pour le Developpment et la Paix


To prevent ethnic-based violence following the elections and promote social cohesion. The organization will host a workshop with political parties, youth groups, and CSOs on the government’s role in preventing ethnic violence. The grantee will establish Youth Peace Clubs at 10 schools and support 40 youth leaders to engage other youth from their communities in activities that promote cross-cultural understanding and prevent radicalization along ethnic lines.