Cameroon 2021

Association Internationale Kofi Annan pour la Promotion et la Protection des Droits de l’Homme et la Paix

Advancing the Rights of IDPs in the West Region


To investigate and advocate for the rights of IDPs in the West region.  The organization will conduct investigations into the status of civil and political rights of IDPs from the Anglophone crisis.  The grantee will publish reports and launch a campaign to engage IDPs with local officials to advance their rights while in exile from their home regions.  The group will also provide psychological and employment counseling to IDPs to improve their livelihoods while living in the West region.


Interfaith Vision Foundation Cameroon

Promoting Youth Inclusion in Local Governance


To promote youth and civil society participation in local decision-making and the peace-building process. The organization will host a series of workshops to build the capacity of youth council members to participate in the local budgeting process and promote peace advocacy. The grantee will host events in all ten regions of the country to spread municipal youth council structures throughout Cameroon. Finally, the organization will train and support a network of youth activists to carry out an advocacy campaign supporting peace and accountability.


Movement for Democracy, Development and Transparency Cameroon

Promoting Youth Advocacy and Reducing Radicalization in the Anglophone Regions


To promote youth activism and mobilize youth to advocate for an inclusive dialogue, ceasefire, and a peaceful resolution of the Anglophone crisis. The organization will hold a series of youth engagement events at churches and chiefdoms across the regions. The group will hold a roundtable with key stakeholders to identify a compromise solution to end the violence. Finally, the grantee will host a large youth symposium for youth leaders to engage with elected officials to promote a ceasefire and dialogue. This group of passionate young activists have demonstrated their ability to use new technologies to reach thousands of youths and spread their messages of dialogue and nonviolence.