Chad 2021

Public Interest Law Center

Strengthening the Democratic Process Through Women’s Participation in Decision-Making and Electoral Processes
To strengthen the democratic process through the representation and participation of women in decision-making bodies through electoral processes. The organization will host a national conference on the importance of women’s participation in the electoral process. The organization will also organize training of trainers sessions for paralegals, journalists, and women leaders on electoral issues. The project will produce communication and awareness tools on electoral issues.


Réseau des Journalistes Reporters Tchadiens

Promoting Freedom of the Press, Opinion, and Civic Engagement


To promote freedom of opinion and increase civic engagement through impartial and responsible media. The organization will build the technical capacity of journalists through training workshops. The organization will organize interactive debates for journalists, government and military authorities, community and human rights leaders on the freedom of the press and opinion, the electoral process, and the media and safety of journalists. The project will create weekly radio shows on freedom of the press and the electoral process that will be broadcasted throughout the country.


Droits de l’Homme Sans Frontieres

Promoting civic education and participation of women, youth, and people with disabilities in electoral processes


To provide civic and electoral education and increase the participation of women, young people and people with disabilities in the electoral process. The organization will strengthen the capacity of young electoral leaders, women, and people with disabilities, and will support them to lead a large awareness campaign on election issues. The project will produce an observation and advocacy report that will be shared with government, electoral commissions, political parties, and CSOs.


Centre d’Etude et de Formation pour le Developpement

Promoting Democratic Values and Countering Violent Extremism through Independent Media in Chad


To promote independent media as a vehicle to advance democratic values and fight against violent extremism in Chad. The organization will establish an independent radio station to promote democratic governance, rule of law, human rights, social cohesion, and active citizen participation. In addition, it will offer capacity building training opportunities for private media journalists on promoting democracy and preventing and countering violent extremism. The project will establish a network of local journalists engaged in the fight against violent extremism in Chad.


Centre d’Etude pour le Développement et la Prévention de l’Extrémisme

Preventing Violent Extremism and Promoting Democratic Values


To build Chadians’ resilience to violent extremism and promote democratic values during the political transition in Chad. The organization will organize awareness-raising campaigns, panel discussions, and community-level capacity building trainings for academics, students, religious leaders, and media officials on countering violent extremism, democratic values, and social cohesion. In addition, the project will support a research study on the nexus between violent extremism and governance in the Lake Chad Basin region.