Congo, Democratic Republic 2018

Promoting Credible and Peaceful Elections

Agir pour des Elections Transparentes et Apaisees


To strengthen civil society’s capacity to monitor preparations for the electoral process. The grantee will organize several stakeholder workshops, engage in advocacy activities, and conduct fact-finding missions in key provinces. The grantee will also implement an awareness campaign consisting of televised talk shows, a documentary, and a play on democratic alternation of power.

A Documentary to Counter Impunity

Cinema for Peace and Democracy


To raise international awareness of impunity and mass atrocities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The grantee will produce a film depicting some of the major crises that have occurred since 2014. The film will feature images from a particularly difficult period in recent Congolese history, as well as testimonies on specific events.

Advocating for a Peaceful and Democratic Alternation of Power

Political Processes


To encourage the public to participate fully in the electoral process. The grantee will launch an online tool to promote civic engagement and to enhance collaboration between authorities and their constituents. The grantee will also mobilize potential voters through an electoral awareness campaign consisting of town hall meetings and free concerts in three provinces.

Advocating for Media Rights and Helping Journalism support the Democratic Process in South Kivu

Journalistes pour la Promotion de la Democratie et des Droits Humains


To strengthen the capacity of journalists to report objectively and safely during a tense electoral period and to promote peaceful elections in South Kivu Province. The organization will improve media practitioners’ understanding of ethical and safe electoral coverage. The grantee will also promote the protection of the media by educating journalists about the Decree for the Protection of Journalists.

Building Journalists’ Capacity for Peaceful Elections

Journalistes pour les Droits Humains


To build the capacity of journalists and bloggers to cover the upcoming elections successfully, the grantee will first hold a series of trainings in Kongo Central Province, and then supervise the production of special reports and short films on the electoral process. The organization will also sponsor a contest to reward aspiring journalists who have demonstrated bravery in the exercise of their profession.

Building Youth’s Capacity to Promote Peace throughout the Electoral Period

Actions pour la Justice, le Developpement et les Droits Humains


To assist increasing conditions for youth to assemble peacefully during the electoral period in Kisangani and Bunia. The grantee will hold a series of trainings and information sessions for youth activists and police officers. It will gather representatives of both groups at roundtables where they will discuss the human rights situation and rights of citizens to assemble peacefully.

Defending Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Observatoire Congolais des Droits de l’Homme


To defend fundamental freedoms in the Republic of the Congo. The grantee will conduct investigations into abuses, engage state authorities, and publish a human rights bulletin and comprehensive report on the country’s human rights situation. It will also lead an advocacy campaign to inform the international community about the political and human rights situation in the Republic of Congo.

Defending Press Freedom during the Electoral Process

Observatoire de la Liberte de la Presse en Afrique


To defend press freedom during the electoral process. The program will investigate abuses against independent journalists, publish communiqués on its website, and monitor the trials of journalists. It will also provide free legal aid, open an emergency line for journalists at risk, convene a two-day meeting on journalism ethics, hold a workshop on access to Internet, and organize press forums on the electoral process.

Defending the Civil, Human, and Political Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Federation Nationale des Associations des Personnes Vivant avec Handicap du Congo


To defend the civil, human, and political rights of persons with disabilities. The grantee will organize several advocacy meetings with relevant officials and closely monitor the government’s compliance to international standards related to the treatment of persons with disabilities. In addition to organizing awareness symposiums for business executives, the grantee will mobilize thousands of persons with disabilities to participate in the electoral process through public conferences, town hall meetings, and radio and television programs.

Empowering Communities and Security Forces to Respect the Rule of Law in North Kivu

Misere, Sors!


To promote the peaceful participation of the inhabitants of North Kivu in the resolution of the current political crisis. The grantee will facilitate a series of trainings for local young political leaders and local officials to promote democratic processes and freedom of assembly. Following the training, the group will create a network of figures from civil society, political parties, and local officials that will advocate for regular dialogues on human rights.

Engaging Youth to Support a Democratic Surge in North and South Kivu

Congo Peace Network


To foster the nonviolent involvement of youth to promote the constitutionally mandated presidential alternation of power. The group will mobilize young citizens around a strategy of “returning to constitutional order.” To strengthen the youth’s commitment to democratic values, the organization will conduct a series of civic education meetings. Finally, the grantee will promote the organization of peaceful and democratic elections through an advocacy campaign entitled uchaguzi, Swahili for “elections.”

Enhancing Citizen Participation in Elections in Kinshasa and Kikwit

Reseau d’Education Civique au Congo


To promote good governance and maximize citizen participation in the upcoming elections. The grantee will organize town hall meetings in Kinshasa and Kwilu provinces. It will also endorse new public policies, host community assessments on governance and elections, launch a far-reaching election awareness campaign, collect information on different steps of the electoral process, and frequently engage the electoral commission and prospective candidates on issues at hand.

Enhancing Citizens’ Participation in the Electoral Process

Association Congolaise des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication


To maximize citizens’ participation in the upcoming national and provincial elections. The grantee will design a virtual toolbox that will inform eligible voters on electoral operations and the platforms of the various candidates. Upon releasing the toolbox, the grantee will also undertake a major awareness campaign that will feature workshops on how to use the toolbox effectively, and debates on the electoral process, human rights, and governance.

Enhancing Youth’s Capacity to Mobilize for Democratic Alternation of Power

Espace Inter Plate-formes des Jeunes


To encourage Kinshasa-based youth activists to campaign for democratic alternation of power. The grantee will recommend suitable ways for the Congolese government to open the political space and commit to organizing credible elections. The grantee will also train several youth activists before assisting them in conducting a peaceful awareness campaign in Kinshasa.

Ensuring Peaceful Elections in Kasai-Oriental and Lomami

Centre d’Etude et de Formation Populaire pour les Droits de l’Homme


To help create conditions for a smooth electoral process in the provinces of Kasai-Oriental and Lomami. The grantee will organize information sessions, town hall meetings, and community forums in Mbuji-Mayi and Mwene-Ditu. It will also undertake a major election awareness campaign during which more than one hundred community leaders will mobilize citizens in the 24 zones targeted by the project.

Increasing Youth’s Involvement in the Democratic Process in Equateur Province

Cadre de Concertation des Jeunes pour les Elections Apaisees


To mobilize the populations of Equateur for the upcoming national and provincial elections. The program will organize town hall meetings, retreats, trainings, and radio programs in three key localities. It will also promote dialogue through a roundtable that will bring together youth leaders, provincial authorities, and representatives of the security services.

Mobilizing Citizens for Democratic Alternation of Power

Dynamique Intergenerationnelle pour la Democratie en Afrique


To enhance citizens’ capacity to scrutinize preparations for the elections. The grantee will hold a conference on the use of voting machines and launch a campaign for democratic alternation of power. In addition to conducting a campaign against electoral fraud, the grantee will also strengthen collaboration among pro-democracy activists from Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Goma, Kisangani, Mbandaka, and Mbuji-Mayi.

Mobilizing Citizens’ Movements to Support Women and Youth in the Election

Centre de Formation et d’Action pour le Developpement


To mobilize civil society organizations and citizens’ movements to work together to elect women and youth and advocate for free and fair elections.  The organization will host trainings for leaders and members of citizens’ movements to teach advocacy techniques, coordinate activities, and promote the inclusion of women and youth in politics. They will also launch a campaign to educate citizens on these activities through plays performed in public spaces and radio programming.

Monitoring and Advocacy of Human Rights and Public Liberties

Collectif pour le Developpement Economique, Social et Culturel Integre


To build the capacity of civil society in Kasaï Oriental, and to strengthen public liberties and good governance in the province. The group will monitor human rights and public liberties and publish its observation reports in several outlets. The organization will also hold a series of workshops to help CSOs develop stronger mediation and advocacy skills, and to make use of ICTs to monitor good governance. Finally, the partner will promote the Congolese people’s political participation through public forums.

Monitoring Preparations for the Elections

Reseau pour la Reforme du Secteur de Securite et de Justice


To help Congolese civil society scrutinize preparations for the provincial, legislative, and national elections. The grantee will investigate potential obstacles to the success of the electoral process, and then present its findings at conferences. The grantee will also engage with government officials on the electoral issues and undertake two trips to discuss the security and electoral concerns with like-minded partners.

Preparing Citizens for the Elections

Amis de Nelson Mandela pour la Defense des Droits de l’Homme


To prepare residents of Kisangani for the electoral process. The grantee will build the capacity of citizen movements to mobilize potential voters in the city’s six municipalities. The grantee will also organize a series of town hall meetings that will stress the importance of voting during the presidential, legislative, and provincial elections.

Preventing and Protecting Citizens Against Human Rights Abuses in North Kivu

Solidarite sans Frontiere


To improve the capacity of local officials and security forces to protect the population in North Kivu. The group will raise awareness among judicial authorities in Masisi-Sud, Walikale, and Nyiragongo regarding national and international human rights laws. This includes trainings on handling peaceful protesters, legal arrests and detentions, and management of detention centers. Furthermore, the group will coordinate local protection committees in the target areas that will monitor activities of armed groups in North Kivu and report human rights abuses.

Preventing Electoral Conflict in Tshangu District

Ligue des Femmes pour le Developpement et l’Education a la Democratie


To help mitigate electoral conflict in Tshangu District. The grantee will train and deploy mediators, and organize citizen forums for over a thousand citizens. It will also publish an election mediator guide, and sponsor six theatrical performances to discourage those who contest election results from using violence against their rivals and electoral commission officials.

Preventing Electoral Fraud in Seke-Banza Territory

Association Congolaise de Droit de l’Homme pour le Developpement Democratique


To prevent electoral fraud in Seke-Banza Territory. The grantee will hold trainings on observation techniques and establish observation groups made up of civil society and community leaders. In addition, the grantee will implement an awareness campaign consisting of a theatrical performance, a song, and electoral messages, all of which will air on three local radio stations.

Preventing Political Violence in Equateur and Tshuapa Provinces

Commission Diocesaine Justice et Paix Mbandaka


To ensure respect for human rights ahead of the elections in rural areas of Equateur and Tshuapa provinces. The grantee will hold capacity-building sessions and establish several consultation groups composed of key stakeholders. It will also organize town hall meetings, produce radio programs, and schedule advocacy meetings with the relevant local officials.

Promoting Civic Participation in Lubero Territory

Centre d’Education Nutritionnelle et Environnementale pour le Developpement


To promote civic education and encourage citizens to actively participate in their government.  The organization will host conferences with CSOs and influential leaders to engage with elected officials and discuss the importance of election participation.  They will train radio journalists on how to effectively discuss elections. Finally, the grantee will host roundtables on creating a culture of accountability and dialogues between citizens and elected officials.

Promoting Credible and Peaceful Elections

Agir pour des Elections Transparentes et Apaisees


To strengthen civil society’s capacity to monitor the electoral process. The grantee will organize several stakeholder workshops, engage in advocacy activities, and conduct fact-finding missions in key provinces. In addition to training and deploying election observers, the grantee will implement an awareness campaign consisting of televised talk shows, candidate debates, a documentary, and a play on democratic alternation of power.

Promoting Fundamental Rights in the Electoral Process in Kisangani

Congo en Images


To promote the exercise of fundamental freedoms in the media during the electoral process, and to strengthen the capacity of women leaders of civil society to promote fundamental freedoms during the electoral process. In collaboration with media outlets, the partner will also hold an advocacy campaign regarding the role of the media in strengthening democracy, and regarding the rights of citizens to exercise their civil liberties during the electoral process.

Promoting Human Rights and Citizen Participation in Kwilu Province

Oeuvres Communautaires pour l’Auto-Promotion


To encourage the populations of Kwilu Province to demand democratic alternation of power. The grantee will organize trainings, town hall meetings, and citizen forums on elections and human rights.  In addition to producing radio programs on the democratic process, the grantee will also promote greater youth political participation by establishing citizen movements in three cities of Kwilu Province.

Promoting Human Rights, Good Governance, and Credible Elections in Urban and Rural Communities

Ligue Congolaise pour la Paix, les Droits de l’Homme et les Elections


To promote respect for human rights and good governance in urban and rural communities. The grantee will conduct special investigations and organize town hall meetings and roundtables bringing together citizens and all relevant officials. The project will also promote free and fair elections by holding several election-focused workshops and conducting a major awareness campaign that will include trainings, symposiums, and audiovisual programs.

Promoting Unity Among Youth Leaders Throughout the Electoral Process

Collectif des Organisations des Jeunes Solidaires du Congo Kinshasa


To prevent repression against youth activists in Kinshasa. The grantee will train several youth leaders on how to observe peaceful assembly. It will encourage collaboration among pro-democracy youth leaders and enhance the relationship between youth activists and the security services through regular meetings with representatives of both groups. It will also advocate the release of youth activists arrested during peaceful assembly.

Promoting Youth Involvement in the Electoral Process

Karibu Jeunesse Nouvelle Bukavu


To promote youth political participation in South Kivu. The grantee will conduct a comparative study on youth participation in the 2006 and 2011 elections. Following the study, it will host a roundtable with political actors to discuss the results. The grantee will create an information and documentation center to provide youth from South Kivu with conflict resolution resources and political process updates. The organization will also host radio shows and organize a cultural festival to promote peace and non-violence during the electoral process.

Promoting Youth Participation in the Electoral Process in Eastern DRC

Benevolat pour l’Enfance


To promote political engagement and participation among youth. The grantee will assess the political knowledge possessed by youth in South Kivu tailor a series of civic education and electoral trainings to their circumstances. To demonstrate political mechanisms in action, the grantee will hold four mock elections. Moreover, the grantee will provide opportunities for youth and local authorities to convene and discuss the electoral process.

Reinforcing the Capacities of Electoral Actors

Femmes Artisanes de la Paix


To facilitate the holding of upcoming elections in the territory of Uvira and consolidate good governance and democracy in South Kivu Province. The grantee will prepare local electoral stakeholders to monitor the current political crisis closely and discuss recommendations to contribute to successful elections. Then, the group will improve the population’s understanding of democracy ahead of the elections through a series of workshops.

Strengthening Provincial Members of Parliament and Civil Society in South Kivu to Facilitate Credible Elections in 2018

Centre d’Appui a l’Education et au Developpement Communautaire


To promote collaboration between civil society, members of Parliament, and the population to ensure peaceful and democratic elections. The grantee will host a series of trainings designed to promote collaboration between various political actors, especially civil society and members of Parliament. Topics discussed will include communication, advocacy and lobbying, and unified messaging. The grantee will also organize public forums to promote interaction and dialogue between citizens and their elected officials. A series of radio programs will inform citizens of updates to the electoral process.

Supporting Electoral Dialogue between Citizen Movements and Local Authorities, and Citizen Access to Elected Officials

Initiative Congolaise pour la Justice et la Paix


To reinforce the capacities of citizen movements and to promote a peaceful electoral process. The grantee will organize workshops and follow-up sessions to discuss the philosophy of citizen movements. Trainings convening civil society and members of citizen movements will inform the population of updates to the electoral process and reinforce non-violence. They will also produce monthly reports on human rights violations and host educational radio programs throughout the project.

Supporting Non-Violent Advocacy by Women’s Groups in the DRC

Actions et Initiatives de Developpement pour la Protection de la Femme et de l’Enfant


To mobilize women’s groups and positively reinforce their role in preventing violence during the political crisis in the DRC.  The organization will equip women’s groups in North Kivu with the necessary knowledge of their rights guaranteed by the constitution and international laws.  They will also engage women’s groups and help coordinate their efforts to non-violently advocate for human rights and peaceful elections during a tense electoral period in the country.

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