Congo, Republic of 2021

Agir Ensemble pour les Droits Humains

Strengthening the capacities of CSOs to prevent and fight against torture and arbitrary detentions


To reduce arbitrary arrests, illegal detentions and acts of torture, and other forms of cruel punishment in the Republic of Congo. The organization will collaborate with its local partnering organization to provide targeted capacity-building training and financial support to five Congolese civil society organization (CSO)s. The project will urge the authorities to take measures to improve arrest and detention practices and to prevent the use of torture.


Centre d’Actions pour le Développement

Preventing Human Rights Violations and Impunity


To prevent human rights violations and combat impunity in the Republic of the Congo. To generate demand for democracy and respect for human rights and dignity, the organization will organize forums, public awareness activities and press conferences. The organization will carry out investigations, monitoring, and analysis missions on cases of human rights violations. In addition, the project will establish a database, an online observatory application, and provide training workshops for the Congolese authorities.