East Africa Regional 2021

Solidarity Center (SC)

Strengthening Trade Union Advocacy and Democratic Practices


To promote freedom of association and good governance, the Center will support trade union capacity building for rights advocacy at the subregional level in East Africa and the national level in Kenya and Somalia, including: advocacy for an East Africa social security portability law; Somalian union capacity to advance labor rights; and Kenya union advocacy and capacity for improved policy reform, implementation, and accountability to protect the rights of marginalized and essential workers at the national, sector, and local levels.


Al-Khatim Adlan Centre for Enlightenment and Human Development

Widening Civil Society Space in the greater Horn of Africa


The organization will serve as the Horn of Africa Civil Society Forum secretariat to increase domestic, regional, and international attention to, and improve, civic space and human rights conditions and trends in the Greater Horn of Africa region. The organization will support Forum members to conduct human rights and civic space investigations and documentation; publish reports about country and regional level civic space and human rights abuses and trends; support awareness raising advocacy campaigns; and lead regional and international advocacy missions.



VOTE: Women


To improve the potential of local-level female political aspirants and incumbents in Uganda and Tanzania to build digital skills to power successful political campaigns and civic leadership. The organization will develop, design and pilot an open-source curriculum to train women candidates in digital tools for amplifying constituent communication, data collection and dissemination, indigenous crowdfunding, and how to tackle mis/disinformation and online harassment. It will also support a mentorship network and peer community for participants from Uganda and Tanzania to promote cross-border collaboration and share best practices.


African Centre for Media Excellence

Enhancing Media Capacity for Inclusive Development


To improve the quantity and quality of public affairs reporting by training journalists from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda to produce accurate and compelling in-depth investigative journalism that informs and engages the public. The organization will deliver onsite and online courses for the journalists and will establish a peer-to-peer learning network for knowledge-sharing and collaborative investigative reporting. It will also conduct media monitoring around Kenya’s forthcoming election