Eritrea 2020

Building Democracy in Eritrea

Eritrea Focus


To increase cooperation among Eritrean activists in the diaspora to advance democracy. It will organize a two-day conference to provide a forum for key Eritrean activists in the U.S. and European diaspora, senior Eritrean intellectuals, and representatives of the international community to discuss democratic reform recommendations and steps required for their implementation.

Contributing to Democracy and Rule of Law

Freedom of Information


To promote democracy and human rights within Eritrea with diaspora support. The organization will produce quality, reliable news and information for Eritreans inside and outside the country. It also will develop two new radio programs addressing issues related to democracy and human rights and rule of law in Eritrea.

Freedom Friday Project

Arbi Harnet


To promote democratic values among Eritrean youth within Eritrea and in the diaspora. The organization will produce and distribute a monthly magazine and conduct a phone campaign inside the country to increase access to information and awareness of human rights issues, governance challenges, and democracy in Eritrea. The organization also will raise international awareness about current human rights conditions inside the country.