Guinea 2021

Leadership Jeune pour la Paix et le Developpement en Afrique/Guinée

To Promote Youth Participation in Local Governance and Peaceful Elections


To promote good governance and civic engagement among youth in Guinea. The organization will lead workshops on good governance. Participants will then analyze and monitor local budgets to determine if allocations reflect community needs.  Afterward, participants will share observations from the monitoring committees and reflections on youth involvement in local governance.  Participants will present a declaration on youth political engagement and recommendations for including youth in the political process and will conduct advocacy meetings with elected officials on the adoption of a youth representation quota.  Started by a group of youth activists to amplify youth voices in local governance, the organization has worked extensively on local budget monitoring, improving service delivery, and peaceful conflict resolution


L’Association les Mêmes Droits pour Tous

Promoting Women’s Rights in the Judicial System


To promote professionalism and accountability within the Guinean justice system. The grantee will create a booklet reviewing the laws and protections about women’s rights in the penal system. The grantee will meet with members of regional women and children’s committees to discuss strategies to enforce and implement the protections. The organization will also provide free legal assistance to 250 women who are either political prisoners or victims of human rights abuses.