Kenya 2020

Cultivating Future Leaders

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To build the capacity of emerging youth leaders to visibly and viably serve as political and community leaders and for Kenya’s political establishment to have confidence in youth’s ability to serve in public office, the organization will enhance the relationship among Kenyan emerging leaders, government, civil society and regional party leadership. The organization will increase the technical and leadership skills of youth activists and leverage the media to highlight youth participation in governing processes and political life. 

Debunk Media

Debunk Media Limited


To enhance young people’s access to data-driven journalism in Kenya. The organization will launch an online news platform focused on providing young people with visual and audio news content to help them better understand ongoing political and economic national developments that affect their lives. Website content will address a variety of issues, including politics, policy, human rights, digital rights, the economy, healthcare, and climate change, among others.

Enhancing Legislative Accessibility and Transparency for Greater Accountability

Mzalendo Trust


To promote the transparency and accountability of the Kenyan parliament and to strengthen citizen engagement with elected representatives. The organization will track parliamentary developments; post information on electoral laws, institutions, and political procedures; facilitate citizen discussion through an online discussion platform; and coordinate civil society engagement around political developments and pieces of legislation.

Enhancing Rural Women’s Participation in Political Processes

Katiba Institute


To strengthen civic and political participation among rural women from ethnic minority communities in Kenya. The organization will strengthen leadership capacity and political participation among aspiring women leaders from ethnic minority groups across Kenya through trainings, network-building, and access to media. The organization will organize three leadership clinics in Eastern, Western, and Coastal Kenya to bring together women civil rights activists, showcase their work, facilitate opportunities for them to share experiences and approaches, and train them on how to carry out their work more effectively.

Establishing a Youth Assembly in Kilifi County

Kenya Youth Assembly Foundation


To enhance youth participation in democratic processes in Kilifi County. The organization will expand its youth assembly model to facilitate opportunities for young people to engage with elected officials and shape local decision-making. The organization will also recruit and train a new cadre of youth leaders, establish relationships with local government institutions in the county, and build the assembly’s institutional capacity.

Increasing Financial Accountability and Transparency at the National Level

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To foster greater public financial accountability and transparency in Kenya, the organization will partner with the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), to analyze government spending and fiscal reporting at the national level, identify areas of misappropriation, and determine gaps for public oversight and action. The organization will brief members of government and civil society to deepen their knowledge of corruption and its impact on service delivery, as well as identify accountability champions in government, enhance cross-sector engagement on anti-corruption issues, and strengthen the capacity of citizens to advocate.

Monitoring the Kenyan Parliament

Mzalendo Trust


To promote transparency and accountability of the Kenyan parliament and strengthen citizen engagement with elected representatives. The organization will organize meetings of the Civil Society Parliamentary Engagement Network to strategize ways in which civil society can engage the Kenyan public to better understand political reform recommendations from the Building Bridges Initiative task force report and advocate to parliament to ensure their priorities are met when implementing the recommendations.

Promoting Civic Engagement and Good Governance in Kwale County

Peace Tree Network


To build the capacities of community members in Kwale County to promote improved engagement in governance and decisionmaking. The organization will work with community members to improve their understanding of and participation in devolved government in Kenya. The organization will focus its trainings on constitutionalism, human rights, and the newly devolved governance structure. It will also utilize theater and the arts to create public awareness on closing civic space. 

Promoting Labor Rights for Marginalized Workers Phase III

Solidarity Center (SC)


To promote decent work for marginalized workers. The center will support unions’ efforts in organizing informal and vulnerable workers in the informal and retail economy, sensitization on labor laws, and advocacy for implementation of labor laws that protect migrant and other vulnerable workers. The project will also focus on increasing the marginalized workers’ knowledge of their rights, the legal framework and its gaps, and advocacy to support strategic legislation such as the street vendors’ bill.

Promoting Youth Participation in Political Processes

Citizens Against Violence Organization


To expand political participation among economically marginalized youth in Kenya. The organization will work with youth leaders in economically marginalized neighborhoods in Nairobi and Kisumu to ensure they understand the Building Bridges Initiative report and its recommendations and the referendum process. Following the referendum, the organization will also work with these young people to participate more politically and cultivate young aspirants for political office ahead of the 2022 presidential elections.

Rapid Response to Human Rights Violations

Humanity, Action, Knowledge, Integrity in Africa Trust


To promote human rights, access to justice, and rule of law in coastal Kenya. The organization will assess prospective human rights violations at the county level and provide legal or advisory support to address matters. It will also organize monthly meetings for victims of human rights abuse; conduct regular gatherings, petitions, and other activities to draw attention to human rights violations; and advocate for improved human rights throughout Kenya. It will also produce an annual report of human rights violations in the Coast region.

Securing Devolution through Informed and Effective Participation

Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance


To build informed and effective youth participation in Kenya’s governance processes. The organization will enhance young people’s understanding of the Building Bridges Initiative task force report recommendations, existing governance structures at the county level, and where they may be able to fit in. It will also facilitate opportunities for these young people to engage directly with local officials to shape governance at the local level.KENYA

Strengthening Democratic Practices in Trade Unions Phase III

Solidarity Center (SC)


To promote county government transparency and accountability, the center will continue to strengthen workers’ capacity to hold government leaders accountable and promote democratic practices in Kenyan trade unions in Kisumu and Kilifi Counties. In Phase III of this project, the center will support the federation’s efforts to increase workers’ participation in the county budgetary processes, as well as union decision-making, and knowledge of their rights. It will also support unions to strengthen internal structures through increased participation of women in decision-making process.  

Supporting Community-Based Journalism

Tazama Community Media Limited


To promote the role of media in sustaining democratic governance in Kenya. The organization will partner with community journalism outlets from various economically marginalized communities in Nairobi to do joint investigations and reporting. It will also conduct skill building and training of community journalists through its joint reporting initiatives and mentorship.

The Constitution of Kenya in Graphic Form

Buni Media Limited


To promote political participation and citizens’ understanding of the Kenyan constitution. The organization will design and produce simplified chapters of the constitution in illustrative form, organize exhibitions around the country and on social media, and create an interactive web platform to provide resources for citizens and facilitate dialogue around these issues.