Liberia 2021

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Fostering Policy-Focused and Inclusive Political Discourse


To combat increasing political polarization and citizen disaffection, and enable Liberia s fragile democratic institutions to become more responsive to citizens expectations, the Institute proposes a program to support young Liberians to advance substantive policy discussions with political actors through developing policy papers, facilitating policy roundtables with lawmakers, and advocating solutions to issues that are important to youth. The Institute will work with lawmakers to be more responsive to citizens priorities by incorporating youth policy recommendations into their legislative agendas and organizing public hearings.


NAYMOTE- Partners for Democratic Development

Promoting Accountability in Liberia


To build citizens’ capacity to promote accountable local and national governance in Liberia through political participation and advocacy. The organization will train citizens to understand local and national governance structures, particularly in light of the newly passed Local Government Act, track political and legislative developments, and engage in advocacy based on their findings. Started by a civil society activist, the organization has 17 years of experience engaging youth and promoting government accountability.


Committee for Peace and Development Advocacy

Promoting Women’s Leadership and Accountability


To promote women’s participation in local governance and promote accountability in Liberia’s extractives sector. The organization will host consultations between government officials, extractives company representatives, and community residents, advocating for increased women’s participation in local budget and community fund allocation meetings, monitoring the implementation of community development projects and responsiveness of community stakeholders, and strengthening coordination between women, youth, and local leaders in extractives communities. The organization will also host radio broadcasts to ensure wider community feedback on governance challenges is addressed.


NAYMOTE- Partners for Democratic Development

Advancing Democracy and Inclusive Governance

To strengthen the organization’s technical and operational capacities to support youth political engagement.  The organization will train government stakeholders and civil society on existing local governance legislation, ensure that county social development fund meetings include women, youth, and marginalized groups, and promote civic education for youth through a series of media engagements.  The organization will also train youth leaders on how to play an active role in civic life.


Youth in Technology and Arts Network

Promoting citizens awareness on decentralization and local governance act to enhance local service delivery in Liberia


To build individual citizen and civil society capacity to monitor social service provision in rural Liberia.  The organization will host a local governance training and a series of dialogues to assess community priorities for local development spending. The organization will work with communities to draft a local development plan and present it to federal officials. The organization will use social audit committees to monitor the provision of social services and to hold elected officials accountable for their promises. The organization will also conduct voter education.


Women Democracy Network Liberia

Promoting Women’s Political Participation


To promote women’s political participation and representation in rural Liberia. The grantee will organize trainings for women political leaders on campaign management and barriers to women’s political engagement. The trainings will also provide an opportunity for candidates to present their platforms. The organization will also hold dialogues to create an implementation plan for a 30 percent gender quota and train women on ways they can become more involved in political life.


Accountability Lab Liberia

Rap 2 Rep


To promote youth participation in local governance. The organization will host a song writing contest for artists across Liberia to submit songs about youth political participation and the principles of good governance. The organization will then host four concerts and discussions on good governance and civic engagement and will broadcast clips of these concerts on social media for follow up discussions.