Malawi 2020

Emerging Civil Society Leaders Program

Youth and Society (YAS)


To build the capacities of a new cadre of civic leaders in Malawi. The organization will support emerging civil society leaders from throughout the country with skills and knowledge through high-level civic leadership training, mentorship, and apprenticeship; project-based learning; and interaction with domestic, regional, and international civic and political leaders and movements.

Enhancing Media Capacity

Media Council of Malawi


To strengthen media capacity in Malawi through self-regulation and engagement with government. The organization will build media capacity and awareness of both pieces of legislation, propose opportunities for revision, and engage the government to allow the press to carry out its work freely. The organization will strengthen its internal operations, coordinate its members, and improve the operating environment for journalists through training, capacity-building, and networking. 

Expanding CSO Space to Safeguard Malawi’s Democracy

Citizen Alliance


To enhance civil society capacity to promote good governance and democracy in Malawi. The organization will build the capacity of civil society and citizen groups to promote improved governance and accountability through greater civil society coordination, engagement with government officials, and advocacy. The organization will conduct local forums sector-based policy dialogues with relevant authorities on critical governance and human rights issues to influence policy and practice.