Malawi 2021

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Strengthening Youth Leadership In Civil Society And Political Parties


To enhance the leadership and meaningful participation of youth in policy development processes in Malawi, the Institute will work with a cohort of young leaders from civil society and political parties to strengthen their skills to effectively advocate for youth policy priorities within their organizations, parties, and communities. Through their advocacy, young leaders will contribute to changes in local policy and party policy platforms or processes, and gain greater connections, experience and visibility as leaders within their organizations.


Centre for Social Accountability & Transparency

Strengthen Accountability through Public Participation in Malawi


To strengthen civil society capacity to advocate for accountability at local and national levels in Malawi. The organization will build district-based and national coalitions of civil society organizations working to promote transparency and accountability. Coalitions will work together to build citizen awareness, monitor public expenditures, and conduct joint advocacy. The organization will use public expenditure tracking efforts in Dowa district to help inform national level tactics and approaches.


Media Council of Malawi

Enhancing Media Capacity


To strengthen media capacity through self-regulation and engagement with the Government. The partner will build media capacity and awareness of the Access to Information (ATI) Act and the Communications Act, propose opportunities for revision, and engage the government to allow the press to carry out its work freely. On behalf of the media houses in the country, it manages complaints, builds capacity, and engages with government officials on behalf of the sector. It also supports capacity-building within the sector, which in turn helps preserve editorial freedom, minimize state interference, promote media quality, enhance media accountability, and improve public trust. The organization will strengthen its internal capacity to support these functions and relations between the media and government.


Citizen Alliance

Expanding CSO Space to Safeguard Malawi’s Democracy


To enhance civil society capacity to promote good governance and democracy. The organization will build the capacity of civil society and citizen groups to reclaim their role in democracy in the country. The project seeks to revitalize the functions of civil society organizations (CSOs) in safeguarding democracy through collaboration, implementation, and advocacy. The partner will work with the advocacy platforms and district CSO networks to provide support for research and dialogue platforms between CSOs and government institutions on the need to safeguard democracy and human rights.