MALI 2020

Promoting Access to Justice and Respect of Human Rights

Tribune Jeunes pour le Droit au Mali


To promote access to justice in Mali and support the protection of human rights. The organization will support the work of its legal clinics to collect reports on human rights violations and provide free legal assistance and psychological support to victims of human rights violations. The organization will assist victims displaced by the security crisis to submit their cases to the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission, host roundtables, and share key recommendations on ways to improve citizens’ access to justice.

Promoting Accountability of Malian Officials

Accountability Lab Mali


To raise Malian citizens’ awareness about the importance of integrity. The grantee will organize a competition to allow citizens to nominate honest elected officials and vote for their favorite. The organization will hold a summit to discuss strategies and options to strengthen and promote accountability in Mali. In addition, the organization will establish a network of civil servants, host meetings between finalists and academics, and offer integrity fellowship to students to inspire colleagues and the new generation. 

Promoting Democratic Values and Principles Among Youth



To strengthen democratic values and principles among young people to model them into informed and responsible citizens. The organization will equip young people with leadership and citizenship skills. It will develop a civic education curriculum to instill the fundamental values and principles of democracy, civics and ethical values to youth. The organization will further support beneficiaries to design and conduct projects to raise peers’ awareness on citizenship, civic life, nation building, governance, and the role of institutions.

Strengthening Multi-Actor Alliances to Mitigate Local Vulnerabilities to Corruption

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support the national anti-corruption campaign spearheaded by the Mali Ministry of Justice, The institute will help civil society organizations and trusted local government representatives shape and present anti-corruption initiatives; create public awareness efforts; and form alliances at the regional level. 

Strengthening Women’s Participation and Representation

Association Femmes et Droits Humains


To strengthen the capacity of women local councilors to promote gender-sensitive policies. The grantee will host capacity-building trainings to enhance their ability to determine local development priorities and further equip women local councilors with skills to review, draft, and implement local development plans. Additionally, the grantee will engage women local councilors with national assembly members to advocate for laws promoting women’s rights. To reach a wider audience, the organization will produce and broadcast interactive radio programs on topics related to governance and women’s rights.

Strengthening Youth Participation in Accountable Local Governance



To strengthen the role of youth in local governance and advance youth-sensitive policies. The organization will equip youth with skills to become active leaders. The organization will facilitate the establishment of youth-led monitoring committees to raise awareness on youth civic rights and duties and develop action plans to increase youth participation and representation in local governance. Intergenerational debates will strengthen youth engagement with experienced leaders and enable youth to articulate their priority issues. Finally, the grantee will produce radio programs to highlight the importance of active citizenship.

Sustaining Peace Through Community Security

Reseau Plaidoyer et Lobbying


To promote peace and reconciliation in Mali. The grantee will strengthen the capacity of Malian civil society to engage citizens in peaceful cohabitation. The grantee will enable various stakeholders to collaboratively identify the causes and consequences of conflicts in affected areas and promote a culture of nonviolence and mutual understanding. The grantee will engage in advocacy efforts with local and national actors to ensure national security policies are responsive to local community security priorities.