Mali 2021

Tribune Jeunes pour le Droit au Mali

Supporting Access to Justice and the Protection of human Rights


To promote access to justice in Mali and the protection of human rights. The organization will, through its legal clinics, collect reports on human rights violations and provide free legal assistance and psychological support to victims of abuses. The organization will assist victims displaced by the security crisis to submit their cases to the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission and will further convene stakeholders to discuss obstacles to access to justice and conduct advocacy to improve citizens’ access to justice.


Association de Laboratoire de Comptabilite au Mali

Promoting an Inclusive Transition in Mali through Film


To raise the awareness of Malian youth about the transition and strengthen their engagement in the reform process and the upcoming elections. The project will equip selected youth community leaders with capacity to produce six films on transition-related issues that will be disseminated to a broad public through outdoor film screening, published on the groups’ website and featured on social media and TV.


Journalists for Human Rights

Amplifying Female Voices through Media to Promote an Inclusive Democracy in Mali


To amplify female voices in the democratic transition in Mali. The organization will strengthen the capacity of women’s rights organizations to effectively engage the media in raising awareness on women’s issues and ensure they are taken into consideration during the ongoing transition. The organization will also build the capacity of journalists to report effectively on women’s rights and key issues affecting women and girls. The grantee will support the production of gender-sensitive stories and will host stakeholders’ discussions on women’s participation in the transition and share recommendations with the authorities.


Observatoire pour les Elections et la Bonne Gouvernance au Mali

Mobilizing and Engaging Malian Citizens in the Reform and Electoral processes


To mobilize citizens to participate in the reform and electoral processes and advocate for the respect of the electoral agenda. The organization will monitor the ongoing reforms and the electoral processes and share its findings with the public. The grantee will also host decentralized public dialogues to discuss the level of implementation of the reforms and conduct advocacy meetings with key stakeholders for the successful completion of institutional and electoral reforms. To reach a broader public, the organization will produce and broadcast radio debates discussing the level of implementation of the reforms and key obstacles.



Promoting an Inclusive Transition in Mali


To ensure responsive policy formulation and the inclusion of citizens’ voices in the electoral and constitutional review processes. The organization will survey citizens’ priorities about the transition and share its findings with the transitional government and other stakeholders. It will host dialogues and advocacy meetings on key citizens’ recommendations for their incorporation in the reform agenda. The group will produce and broadcast radio debates as well as create multimedia content to further publicize citizens’ reform priorities.



Reporting on the Upcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections


To produce high quality, in-depth media reports on the organization of the upcoming presidential and legislative elections, institutional reform, and governance and accountability in Mali. The media organization will conduct a capacity training for its correspondents on election coverage and provide them with reporting equipment necessary to produce content from around the country. The grantee will investigate and produce media reports leading up to, during, and following the presidential and legislative elections scheduled for February 2022 to keep citizens informed about the electoral process.